Many people ask for advice on what paintball gear to buy on a budget,  because it's expensive is it not?

The best order to get your gear is as follows - mask, hopper, tank, and then your marker/gun.

It is very important to get the gear in this order because if you're a weekend paintballer who rents their gear you know how uncomfortable it is so its always better to get the gear first and marker/gun last.

The mask is the most important of all because you need to be able to see(rentals prefer you not to)! You want one that fits well, is comfortable enough for hours of paintball, and has lots of ventilation.  First off if you have a mask that fits you snug you wont have to worry about having to fix it every time you move, like you normally have to do with a rental mask. Secondly you want it to be comfortable so that after hours of paintball you wont be crying for mercy.  And lastly you want a mask that has lots of ventilation  so after every game you don't have to take your mask off for some air. 

The mask that I recommend most for a beginner is the ($35) V-Force Vantage Pro mask (Not the rental one), it has a low profile "hard to hit" game advantage.  The mask fits almost everyone  it has 5 colors to choose from black, olive, red, green, and charcoal.  It has anti-fog lenses and a visor.  It is very easy to clean, has great ventilation, and is easily used for hours of paintball.  Later on you might want to upgrade to a V-Force Grill etc.

The second piece of gear i recommend you get is a hopper. The type of hopper you want is one that can feed paint balls fast and continuously.

I recommend the invert 2 it doesn't ever jam and is very fast.  It is in the $40-$60 range and is a good beginner hopper. 

The third piece of gear you want is the tank.  Hpa tanks are more expensive than CO2 but are the better buy considering they are better for your marker/gun and give your marker/gun more power. CO2 is recommended only if you are one that has a small budget, otherwise hpa is the way to go.

I recommend any 68 ci 4500 hpa tanks they hold a lot of air and are better for your marker/gun, the higher end hpa tanks have a variety of prices. These are quite expensive though so if you can't afford a high-end hpa tank just get one that is 48 ci 3000 it is in the $40-$50 range.

The last thing you want to get is the marker/gun! The best part! I recommend you get the azodin Kaos for about $90 most places, if you are in the $100-$200 range azodin blitz or azodin Kaos D, $200 and up is personal preference so get whatever you want. I prefer azodin products the most in the cheaper paintball marker/gun category.

P.S. I didn't include a paintball harness or pods because those are also personal preference most are cheap and some people don't even use them anyway, you only need one if you use a lot of paint on the field so don't worry about those.