Budget eBook Readers

There are many budget eBook readerss out in the market that you can pick up as a great alternative to the Amazon Kindle device. With the popularity of eBooks rising it’s a great time to pick up one of these devices and start reading your favorite books on the go. As more books come to this format the selection of books we can read electronically is going to skyrocket. On the market now you’ll find several great eBook readers for a decent price.

Just remember that most eBooks readers are designed to read books and aren’t like your portable smart phone or iPad tablet. You’re not going to get a ton of features with these readers  and the features you do get probably won’t perform as well as your other devices.  If you’re just getting into eBooks then these devices are recommended due to their price but for more features you might consider buying the new Kindle Fire.

Pandigital Novel Digital Book Reader 7" Color Screen, Wi-Fi (White)

Pandigital offers some nice readers and this one features a 7 inch screen, Wi-Fi and comes in white. It supports most major file formats and has 1GB of memory. The resolution of this reader is 800 x 600, it weight just over two pounds and has a one year warranty. It’s a little heavy at over two pounds but the 7” screen is nice. The reader is powered by the Android operating system. With this reader you can also surf the web, send emails, and play music or videos so it does more than read books. It’s a great bargain at just under $90.00 USD.

Barnes & Noble NOOK Touch eBook Reader (NEWEST model, WIFI Only)

Barnes and Noble has their own readers to compete with the Kindle. Their newest model is the Nook Touch which has  a 6" touchscreen. Just tap it to search for your books, turn pages, look up words, highlight passages, or adjust your fonts for easier readability. You can even read your books in bright sunlight due to the high contrast screen. The device weights under eight ounces so it’s very lightweight which makes it perfect if you're already carrying a heavy bag or briefcase and don't want more weight.

The device will hold up to 1000 books so you can take your whole library with you on the go. The device has a very long batter life with up to two months on just one charge. This alone is worth the price since most electronic portable devices drain batteries very quickly. You can access over 2 million eBooks with the device with many of them costing just $9.99 or less and even get free books too. The reader features scrolling features so you can skim through a book and you can also use bookmarks. You can connect to thousands of W-Fi networks and more than 24,000 AT&T hotspots. This device costs  around $99.00-$120.00 USD.

LIBRE PRO eBook Reader

The LIBRE PRO eBook reader by Aluratek comes with 100 free classic books such as A Tale of two Cities and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This reader supports PDF file and has a content search for easy navigation between books and pages. It has book marks and an auto page turn function. You can adjust the fonts on this reader to the size you want to make reading your books easier. The reader has a portrait and a landscape mode for book reading and a built-in MPS player to listen to your favorite songs while reading your book. You get an SD card slot which holds up to 32GB. The battery life is twenty-four hours with an indicator showing you when it's low. The device also comes with a one year warranty and it retails for around $99.00-129.00 USD.

Finding an eBook Reader

There are many budget eBook readers out there that will do the same job as an Amazon Kindle and this is just a few examples of the different readers on the market. As this device gains in popularity there will be many more models to choose from and with the release of the new Kindle Fire we’ll probably see more devices like it in the coming months and years.