Budget for Christmas to Prevent Crying After Christmas

Many folks enjoy the festivity of Christmas but, after the holidays are over, regret the debt they have run up in the process. They do not notice the debt as it mounts because the Christmas season is almost like a hypnotic landscape that one enters. It is enchanting. But step back from all of this and look at what you are spending. Or charging! Take a strong look at the debt you already have. Some are so frightened when they take an honest look at the spending for the holidays that they avoid buying gifts altogether. After all, these are times of economic disaster for the country. Moreover, the holidays are already shot through and through with madness, with false expectations, with tendencies toward suicide. Much of this thought and behavior is fueled by a lack of planning. One drifts with the downward economy and at the same time the message is loud and clear: It is Christmas time; you should be happy. The prospect of adding more dept to an already escalating debt is daunting. The prospect pushes some over the line. So to avoid crying after Christmas, develop a plan before Christmas.

The first item you will need to plan your gifts for Christmas is a budget. It does not have to be an elaborate budget so what I have to say can, of course, be modified to fit your situation. It goes like this. First decide the total amount you are planning to spend on Christmas gifts. Now make three columns and in one column designate significant others: This will include family and perhaps a fiancé. Then in the second column list friends, and in the third column, acquaintances. Now answer the question of how much total you plan to spend on each category. The more expensive gifs will match the first column, the next expensive the second and in the third column, you may decide to send a card or a bio update, (something to recognize your friendship) without spending more than the cost of the card and mailing. And don't forget about computer gifts. You can send virtual flower arrangements on line for minimal or no cost.

Making Extra Money for Christmas

Putting the brakes on spending is one side of the coin, but it is not the whole story. You have access to many ways of making extra money in the Christmas season. The most obvious one is that you can don a Santa Claus outfit and earn extra money by talking to boys and girls in department store and hotels. Just go into a swanky hotel or department store and chat with the manager. Tell him or her you would like to play the role of Santa. They will do a background check on you so if you have a record as a thief or pedophile, don't bother to apply. Otherwise, given a clean bill of health in social righteousness, you just may get hired in a few days. The hotel or department store will furnish your white beard, your foam belly and your outfit. The reindeers have to stay outside.

Now if you want to involve your family or significant others, there are other roles to play such as gnomes, faeries, and elves. This could be highly entertaining as well as profitable. Just so you don't have to actually make any of the toys. But given modern technology, the toys will come out of a chute and on the belt will be sparkling bicycles, sleds, ski equipment, baseball mitts, ballet shoes, etc. If you really get into being Santa you can cultivate a white beard and cultivate a belly to move toward being a professional Santa.You can even get certified in Michigan if you go through Santa School. No kidding! During the Christmas season you can also advertise your willingness to make home visits for seasonal parties. While your reindeer are preparing for a long trip back to the North Pole, Santa (you) could drive around town in a Rolls Royce with a few elves. If anyone wants a ride, Santa will not refuse money for his reindeer fund. You can also set a writing service wherein Santa answers kids' letters and sends them out either on line or via email. And Santa also loves to Skype with kids.

If you don't find being Santa appealing, you can do something that Santa heartily approves of: You can sell Christmas trees. If you take the time to know the specifications of your trees you can delight the customers by supplying just what they want. And let their enthusiasm rub off on you as you praise them for their choices.

Christmas and Hanukah Cards and Pumpkin Pie

This Christmas many folks will bypass giving gifts at Christmas....at any rate, material gifts. Instead the market for Christmas cards is expected to rise. Instead of sending a stuffed stocking, you may send a card. But look, you can design your own cards, and you don't need to be a calligraphy expert. Just use your imagination to personalize the card. This way too, you can sell digital music and songs and implant them in the cards. Think of what goes with Christmas in the line of food and candy. You can sell your family secrets for making pumpkin pie and eggnog, tips on cooking turkey so it is moist and not cardboard. If you want to expand your business, you can offer a catering service.

If you have a practical bent for home repair, you can string Christmas lights for home seasonal decorations

You can offer a non-credit class on Christmas stories like A Christmas Carol (Mr. Scrooge) or The Gift of the Magi by O'Henry. If you have a bent for acting you can act out the Scrooge story (with the help of your family.) If you are a writer you can write Christmas articles for internet marketing. Many of those participating in internet marketing get weary from the routine of churning out 1000-2000 words a day and are willing to buy essays writtern to their specifications.

There are many opportunities to make extra money for Christmas. All you have to do is use your imagination and the elves will come and help you. These are some practical ways to make money for Christmas.