Your boss isn't going to give you a raise anytime soon. Sorry. You're just going to have to learn how to budget for your own personal raise. How are you going to accomplish this? You must change your attitude when it comes to saving money. Sure, you won't be getting any more tangible money, but you will have more money to spend. After all, isn't that really the main purpose of a pay raise?

That's right! Change the way that you think about money. Chances are if you had to account for what you spent a majority of your money on for the month, you wouldn't be able to do it. If you made 5k for the month, you should be able to take a piece of paper and pencil or accounting software and reconcile your finances right down to the penny. But, you can't do this…can you? You probably don't know where your money is going? You probably aren't keeping track of your expenses and spending habits.

Maybe it's a good thing that your Boss isn't going to give you a pay raise. You would only waste it on things that you don't need. Until you get a handle on your finances and understand how, why and where your money is being spent, you shouldn't receive any additional money…no matter how much you deserved it.

Think about it. What would you do with a pay raise? Are you disciplined enough to put this money into a savings account? Would you create an emergency fund? Quite frankly, unless you learn how to budget your current funds, you won't really feel the impact of a new pay raise. Sure, you'll see the increase on your pay stub, but because your finances are currently so out of whack, you won't experience an improvement in your current lifestyle. This is sad.

Learn how to budget for your own personal pay raise by accounting for, spending and saving what you already have. You don't want to keep digging yourself out of financial disasters with your yearly increases. Wouldn't you much rather see this yearly pay raise as money that will improve your current lifestyle?

This will not happen until you change your mind set about your finances and take control. Look around for ways in which you can make significant changes with your current finances. Create a budget and determine what your true expenses are. Stop spending money on things that you don't need. Change your excessive spending habits. Just by eliminating some of your wasteful spending habits, you will find that you have extra money.

You will then have the ability to save this newfound money or tackle debts. This within itself will seem like a huge raise. You will find that you won't miss or need the frivolous purchases of the past. But on the other hand, you will notice a big chunk of change in your savings account. Or, possibly, you will finally witness your debts decrease. Now, doesn't it feel good to have extra money? This can happen. Learning how to free up your current money is truly one of the best ways to budget for your own personal pay raise.