Pizza Hut, Kingswood Retaild Park
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Pizza Hut, Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3DA.

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Althorp Road, Kingswood Retail Park, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3DA

Initial Impressions

Pizza Hut is an international chain of pizza restaurants. This branch is based in the Kingswood Retail Park in Kingswood, Hull. There are a number of other food places in the retail park, including a Frankie & Benny's, as well as many shops, with even more places to eat at on the leisure part of the park where the Cineworld cinema is. Parking for the restaurant can be a bit limited at peak times.

The restaurant was visited on a weekday lunchtime. During the week, there is a buffet available until 3PM. The buffet allows unlimited visits to the hot counter, for the pizza and pasta and American breadsticks, and the salad bar. The pizzas are either the thin Italian or deep pan, with usually six available; Margherita, Double Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Veggie Supreme and Managers Special - usually two of the latter. There are two pastas, Bolognese and Four Cheese and Vegetable.

With the salad bar as well, there is a good selection for those interested in a vegetarian option. The salad bar has a range of salad items, fruit, sauces and dressings, along with other things such as pickled onions, jalapenos and seeds.

Upon entering, you wait to be shown to a table, and then one of the waiting staff takes your order. For the buffet, it's help yourself, although drinks are brought over by the staff.

Main Course

The buffet deal was chosen. Of the pizzas available, slices were had from the Margherita, Double Pepperoni and Beef, as well as some servings from the salad bar. The food from the salad bar was all fresh, and there was enough custom that pizzas were being brought out regularly, so they had all been recently cooked. The pizzas were all thin crust, no deep pans being available, and the quality was fine, nothing exceptional.

The drink was an unlimited draught Pepsi Max, about as good as any draught soft drink, but the unlimited refills means that it's pretty good value for money for a restaurant drink.

My Opinion

The downside of the buffet is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the pizza you want to eat. At peak times, the available pizzas can disappear pretty quickly, whilst off peak they may linger around with nothing new being brought out. During this visit, there were never any American breadsticks available on the hot counter. Pizza quality is similar to places such as Domino's (rather than that of a proper Italian restaurant) although much cheaper.

With the food all being available on the buffet, without having to order it, a meal can be picked and eaten very quickly, if you don't intend to wait to see if a particular pizza you want is brought out. This can be an advantage if you're pushed for time, but want a more filling lunch than a sandwich.

On occasion, when having the buffet, service for ordering extra drinks or paying the bill can be poor. With staff not coming to your table on a regular basis, they have to think to check up on you, which doesn't always happen, especially if you are out of the way. This wasn't the case today, with a Pepsi Max refill being brought without even having to order it.

Total cost for the buffet and unlimited Pepsi Max was £9.24. The more you eat the better value for money it is. An okay quick lunch that wasn't too expensive, and cheaper than the main menu. 2.5/5.