It's very hard to imagine for ordinary people how it feels to have the world's most expensive car. A car that is worth a fortune would be more than great. There are many cars that cost a lot but there can only be one on the top and that is Bugatti's Veyron. Bugatti is one of the most well known manufacturers of automobiles. With the company's many years of experience in this industry, they have created masterpieces and they have become the image of great passion for automobiles. The company was founded by father and son, Ettore and Jean Bugatti in the year 1901. Together, they were able to create remarkable and extraordinary works of art and technology. With their creativeness, dedication and great passion, they were able to leave a mark in history and still continue to do so.

After quite some time of not hearing anything from the legendary company, with a little help, they were able to get back on track with a bang! They were able to create a car that has superior performance and at around $1.7 million, is considered to be the world's most expensive production car at present. It is considered as a breakthrough in automotive engineering. The Veyron 16.4 was created aiming for an exceptional goal of more than 250 mph of speed and 1000 hp which in turn gave them a great success. They were able to achieve elegance and advanced functionality all at the same time, in the form of the Veyron. With 4 turbochargers, it can generate 1001 hp and in just 55 seconds it can reach its top speed of 252 mph. The exterior of the car undeniably resembles the elements of a classic Bugatti design with a contemporary touch. Superior performance, remarkable speed and exceptional security system are the distinguishing elements of the so called super sports car. The most expensive car in the world truly deserves its title along with that of the fastest production car.

Another car that was created by the same company is the Bugatti Type 57S. This car earned the title for the most expensive classic car, which was bought by an anonymous buyer at around $30-$40 million. Like most Bugatti cars, it looks lean and taut. Jean Bugatti was the one in control during the creation of Type 57, from around 1934 to 1940. It has a top speed of 115 mph which was good enough during its time.

There are other luxury cars that are next in line to the world's most expensive car, like the Enzo Ferrari, Saleen S7, Mercedez Benz SLR, and the McLaren Roadster. Each of these cars has their own features and capabilities allowing them standing next to Veyron. Each has their distinguishing elements that make them different among the rest. But, of course, only on is the most expensive, and that is the Veyron.