Whether you notice a decline in healthy crops in your garden, or planted a tree 10 years ago that seems to be infested with insects, you may have a problem.  Some people use pesticides to keep the bugs away from their plants, but there are many dangers with using pesticides as well.  Learn the type of bugs that kill your plants and crops and what you can do about it.

Cabbage Worms - These bugs got their name because they enjoy feeding off of anything in the cabbage family from cabbage, turnips, radishes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and horseradish.  The cabbage worm usually starts to lay her eggs in the spring time.  These worms reproduce extremely quickly as generation after generation soon start laying eggs which means these spread very quick.

Potato Beetles - These bugs are most popular in Colorado, but you can find them in many states as well.   They are known to feast off of potatoes, tomatoes and most sweet peppers.

Cucumber Beetles - Cucumber beetles feast on cucumber plants but are not limited to feeding off of bean plants, melons and corn.  They will eat sections of the entire plant including the crop, leaves, stem and the root, mostly damaging your entire harvest.

Scale Insects - These are very hard to get rid of bugs because they are so small, hence the name scale insects.  They blend in which the bark of the trees, behind small and the same color.  These insects are known to kill what used to be healthy trees.  Once scale insects start to attack a tree, getting rid of them is very hard to do.

aphidsCredit: Morgue FileAphids - The most common type of bugs that kill your garden plants is the aphid.  They start by sucking the healthy sap which kills the plant because the plant doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Tarnished Plant Bugs - The tarnished plant bugs feed off of almost any type of plant out there.  They do this by sucking the sap out of the leaves which nourish the plants and leave by injected a poison to the plants so they cannot grow healthy.  These bugs are very hard to get rid of.

MothsCredit: Morgue FileCoddling Moths - This type of moth is very harmful to apples and apple trees.  Once a few dozen moths find their way to a delicious juicy apple, they work their way into the apple feeding off of it as they keeping digging their way to the opposite side of the apple.  This is what causes worm holes in your apples.

You can help keep your garden safe by covering your crops with a specialized netting that can keep these harmful devourers away.  After doing some research you may be able to discover that you can use certain non toxic scents that these bugs do not like to keep them off of your vegetables or fruit.  These scents will keep the pests away while keeping your plants healthy since you are not using any harmful pesticides.

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