Sensible Sedans

In most cases, sedans are bought by families who are looking for features that can only be summed as sensible. A family car will often be about safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, luggage capacity and other such considerations. The Buick LaCrosse and Pontiac G6 are two excellent sedans and we shall be indulging in some sibling rivalry as we try and see which of the two makes more sense while saving you more cents.


The Buick LaCrosse has an I-4, 2.4l engine that delivers 182hp and a torque of 172 lb-ft. It can tow up to 1000lb which is quite good for a midsized sedan. There are also 3.0l and 3.6l engine options but we shall be focusing on the 2.4l engine car for purposes of comparison. The Pontiac G6 also comes with an I-4, 2.4l engine that delivers 169hp and a torque of 160 lb-ft. It is also a front wheel drive vehicle and can tow as much as the Buick. The Buick however clearly delivers greater power from its engine and it therefore takes this first round.

Fuel Efficiency

As you would expect, the greater performance of the Buick LaCrosse will definitely come at a cost as far as fuel is concerned. Driving the Buick in the city will see you use up 19 miles to the gallon while you can do up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway. The Pontiac G6 on the other hand will give you 22 miles in the city and 30 miles on the highway for every gallon of gas. Higher capacity vehicles will always experience lower fuel efficiency during city driving and if most of your driving is in the city or town, then the Pontiac will be the best option as regards fuel efficiency.


For most drivers, safety is among the most important concerns and this is especially applies when it comes to sedans for families. Knowing this, most sedan manufacturers have always made sure that the sedans they produce have the latest safety features. Both the Buick LaCrosse and Pontiac G6 have a 4 wheel ABS braking system, side impact beams, seatbelt pretensioners, ignition disable, tracker system, front, side and overhead airbags as well as several other safety and security features. Safety is clearly not the tie breaker when you are trying to decide on either the Buick or Pontiac.

Exterior Features

Like many modern sedans, the Buick LaCrosse and Pontiac G6 are very sleek. You can describe them as beautiful with great curves and a polite disposition. The body, side and grille moldings of the LaCrosse are all chrome and this gives it a hip and chic appearance. The G6 on its part has body colored moldings on its body and sides, while grille moldings are black with chrome surrounding. The Buick is slightly longer, slimmer and has better ground clearance which makes it look like it could be up to some trouble. The Pontiac’s greater width makes it appear safer and more peaceable though as we have already seen these two cars are equal when it comes to safety features.

Interior Features

Again there is very little difference to the interiors of these two cars. Being brothers they have a lot in common. Legroom, luggage capacity, headroom and seating capacity are almost the same. The Pontiac G6 and Buick LaCrosse both have a large number of the standard interior features found in any modern car. This includes driver information center, air conditioning, trip computer, radio, CD players and speakers, cup holders and warning systems for various aspects of the car. When it comes to entertainment, instrumentation and gadgets, the Buick clearly has more. Air filter, glove box lighting, front seat direction control options, rear arm rest, steering wheel audio controls and map lights are some of the additional features to that the Buick LaCrosse has.


Apart from performance and fuel economy, these two sedans are clearly very similar in most other areas. This is normally the case when comparing cars that are as closely related as these two. At the risk of sounding sexist I would sell the Pontiac G6 to ladies and especially mums as it is practical and has most of what ladies normally look for in a car. It has great safety features, better fuel efficiency and a lower purchase price. Dads will more likely take up the Buick as it has more power, has the look and comes at a higher price which makes for great conversation when out with the guys moaning at how much money they had to spend on the new car.