Building your trailer that can haul your bike conveniently is but one great way to go somewhere with your motorcycle in one piece and strapped conveniently while you chill out and relish the landscape. Besides, you prefer to keep the paint and chrome nice and clean. Right?

This specific set up will be able to carry 3 motorcycles in a decent trailer and that’s just what we need, to maximize the availability of area. The whole process takes little amount of time and physical ability; the results are awesome even on a small trailer like ours.

Step 1: Get started with by cutting some lengths of E-track to be used for your D-ring clips to support the bike down.

Step 2: The E-track can be screwed to the wood flooring of the truck; some people prefer a few hardware bolt all the way through with a nut on the bottom.

Step 3: Once in place on both sides of the trailer the E-track will give many different installation positions of the D-rings so that any size of bike can be lodged.

Step 4: Next, label the area you wish the removable chocks and mark the area where installation pads will be added.

Step 5: These do get go through mounting bolts with lock nuts and washers.

Step 6: This is a great design at the tabs that are on the bottom of the chocks and how they slip in the receivers.

Step 7: Use a couple sets of mounting hardware to make sure either a thin chock, for a skinny 21 inch tire, or a huge wheel, for a bigger tire fastener can be used.

Step 8: The front wheel of the 1949 motorcycle is placed in the thin chock, this is basically the best match and won't let the slim tire move around.

Step 9: After that, are the belt holders. Using a carrier that keeps stuff sorted out is a nice way to make sure absolutely nothing becomes missing and to keep your trailer tidy and neat.

There you have it; a straightforward way to create a hauling trailer regardless if only a little space. It only uses few materials together with a bit of labor, and you will get it done in a flash. You could take nearly every bike with this install. This is fantastic for moving vintage hogs considering that everyone knows how gentle they can be and handling them in this way is the best way to do it.

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