Monetize Your Talent With Live Video Online

There are a few things you can do for your personal brand to set yourself apart from all of the other talented folks on the internet!  Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a recording artist, a lifestyle coach, a personal trainer, or any other expert who has monetized your talents via web marketing, you’re probably looking for some new ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for branding to an extent, but at this point, everyone has their standard pages set up, and almost everyone is learning how to connect with their fanbase online, so you’re merely keeping up when you make your own basic pages.  

Now is the time to explore new social media strategies.  One great idea is to build a live broadcast channel on a new platform for live broadcasting, where you can host your very own live weekly show online. 

Experts like life coaches, music teachers, math tutors, and personal trainers – or people who truly profit from giving advice - are likely overjoyed with the advent of streaming video online.  However, it is likely that these experts are also a little nervous about broadcasting live for the very first time.

Here are some quality tips for preparing for you first live broadcast online: 

Tip #1:  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!  Test the material for your live broadcast with a trusted friend. If you’re contemplating a controversial conversation, troubleshoot with someone who fits the archetype of your customer before you move forward with your live broadcast on a streaming video channel.

Tip #2:  Have too much to talk about!  Dedicate a few hours to brainstorming on the morning of your scheduled live broadcast. You’ll want to have plenty to talk about while you live stream.  Take a walk and bring a notebook.  Leave all of your devices at home!  That means no cell phone, no computer.  Be at one with the content for your live broadcast!  Without interruptions your mind will open up to fresh ideas faster than it would while staring at your Twitter feed, or answering emails!  

Tip #3:  Consider the look of your broadcast before you start live streaming.  Remember, we’re talking about live video broadcasts, and people are going to see you!  This goes a little deeper than just putting on a nice shirt and brushing your hair.  If you are a fitness instructor and you are going to charge people for live advice via streaming video, make sure your space is well lit and your camera can capture your full range of motion.