Why To Build a Big Chest

A big chest is one of the most desired outcomes of working out, second only to the arms. However if you are a serious weightlifter or athlete you know that the use of a strong muscular chest extends far beyond picking up girls. 

A strong chest can help improve performance in almost any sport. This article will give a brief summary of my choices for the best chest building techniques and exercises.

Big Chest
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Building the chest requires the use of many compound exercises as well as isolation movements to help give it the bodybuilder shape. 

You will want to focus on large compound movements such as the bench press, the incline bench press, the decline bench press, and dips. Check out my profile for articles on how to perform these exercises.

Performing these compound movements will help develop strength through the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It will improve overall upper body strength and develop the stabilizer and synergist muscles as well.

Along with the compound movements, I recommend performing variations of chest flies, including; flat bench flies, incline flies, cable crossover, decline flies. Performing flies will help develop the inner pecs, and focusing on incline exercises will help develop the upper part of the chest. 


Perform the following exercises with your chest workout for a balanced, full pec developing workout.

The Bench Press

Bench Press
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Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press
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Incline Flies

Incline Flies
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Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover
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These are some of my favorite chest exercises to do at the gym, however variations can be made to the exercises presented so long as you incorporate both pressing and fly movements to help fully develop the pec muscles. Incorporating pressing movements in multiple directions, such as flat and incline, will help you gain functional strength that you can apply to everyday life, while the fly movements are used mostly to increase size.