Automation and mechanization has systematically, over the course of the last 100 years, taken
over many occupations along with advancing human civilization as a whole.  Classic examples
of this is when the elevator man became obsolete once elevators could operate on their own, or
car manufacturing companies who can produce an automobile at a much faster rate with more
accurate precision. Streamline Info has unraveled a method of designing and constructing a
home in one day, 100% automated.

Contour Crafting 3Contour Crafting 2

With this being understood, we can focus on the home construction industry. Home construction
has one of the highest death rates for any occupation around the entire world. It puts many
people at risk and waste a lot of finite materials using 40% of the planets resources. What if we
told you this does not have to happen? That there is a more intelligent method of constructing
homes at such an sustainable and efficient rate that there would be no need for human labor, thus virtually eliminate the chance of people becoming harmed during the course of construction. This method of construction is known as contour crafting.

Contour crafting is a automated construction method that can build a 2000 square foot home in 1 day.  It is all done by computer and has no need for manual labor. The process of contour
crafting is as followed: the computer analyzes the digital model the designer has created over
the computer.  The machine takes that design and outlines from the bottom up using its nozzle to precisely layout your base layout, walls, doors, windows, and even roof with a concrete
ingredient. It’s quick, simple, and much stronger than an average home. There is very little
limitation to the design which gives much flexibility for creativity. The biggest problem with contour crafting has nothing to do with the technical aspects. All problems stem from the economical aspect; with the implementation of contour crafting all jobs related to home construction and potentially commercial construction will be phased out, leaving a huge gap of people unemployed.

With this method of construction it would be possible to create many homes for people all
around the world while still preserving resources. If this change was to be made then nature
itself would reward us and people would be supplied with one of the most essential needs of life, shelter.

Streamline Info thanks you for reading our article and hopes you will spread this around so the masses will be informed about the technology of the future.