Linkbuilding is a time consuming process so it's always nice to augment the tedium of link building with revenue sharing. Tip Drop is unique amongst revenue sharing sites. It can't really be called a social bookmarking site and it can't be called a list site(like Best-Reviewer).

Let's talk about the backlink elements. You get ten do-follow anchor text backlinks on your Tip Drop profile page. Even if you don't contribute a single tip on the site, you still get 10 backlinks from a unique domain which you can build backlinks to with social bookmarking sites, article sites, etc.

Now let's talk about the revenue sharing. You share 75% of the adsense revenue for the tip sheets you create. You can add to other peoples tip sheets but those you don't get revenue sharing. So it's best if you get in on the Tip Drop action early to make hot tip sheets before all the good keyword tip drops get taken. Then you'll benefit from anyone who adds more tips to your tip sheet.

Adding tips to other peoples pages still benefits you as it adds an internal link to your profile page which will strengthen your ten backlinks helping you to make money online indirectly. Tips are really easy to create due to having a maximum length of 255 characters. If you want multiple tips you can add them to the same page. Like a social bookmarking site you can vote tips up and down. There is also a credibility score that you can try to increase.

Certain types of tips work best especially tips about food. Due to the short content length, sometimes the advertising programs have problems showing relevant ads. However, you can help the ads learn more by submitting more tips under the tip sheet. If the algorithm that displays relevant ads is having problems with your content then you can bet that search engines will have problems will have problems with your content too.

There's no direct link building benefit to adding new tips to the tip sheet but more content helps you rank for more long tails. You can treat each tip sheet as it's own article that you write 255 characters at a time. An article writing process that you cap off by building links to this article.

Tip Drop is a PR3 meaning there's a lot of link juice going around in the site. It has a good name meaning if you want to rank for Tip(Weight Loss Tips) or Drop(How do I drop 20 pounds?) then you can use that keyword authority for your advantage. Give it a shot. Build at least the ten free backlinks and then try to make some tips. You won't be dissapointed. I wasn't.