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Build Muscle Fast with the Pyramid Workout (Part 3/3: Diet and Rest Period)

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            A healthy diet is a very important aspect of life and will be congruent with everything you do in it, especially when bodybuilding. Your muscles are in need of a lot of protein and small amounts of lipids (fats) in order to increase in size. Eat a lot of lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, ham, lean beef, as well as fish. Salmon is good because it provides a lot of healthy omega fatty acids. lean beefCredit: google.com Eat a lot of whole grains, as opposed to white bready type foods. For instance, you can buy whole grain spaghetti which appears as a more brown color instead of the regular white pastas. Whole grains help regulate blood sugar levels and keep them at consistent levels throughout the day. This will keep your energy levels high, and you are less likely to crash and start feeling tired at predetermined intervals throughout the day. Eat very small amounts of food regularly throughout the day, as opposed to consuming only 1 or 2 big meals the whole day. When you are not taking in any food for prolonged periods of time, the human body goes into a sort of survival mode and slows down the metabolism which causes it to start storing nutrients, fats, proteins, etc., and not expending them.  This will slow down muscle growth.


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            Hydration can be one of the most important things by far while working out. The human body is comprised of roughly 65% water, 50% at the least. Drinking water not only provides your muscles with the hydration and strength they need to work effectively, but it also keeps the mind thinking clearly. I recommend drinking maybe two bottles of water when you wake up every morning, preferably after using the restroom. Drink a bottle before heading to the gym to prepare your muscles and be sure to carry another with you to drink during the workout. Many people sweat profusely during intense workouts which drains the water out of the body fast, so it is imperative to drink small sips periodically throughout the workout and stay hydrated. A quick tip if you’re unsure you are drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine. It should leave your body looking the way it went in, crystal clear. The way I used to maintain hydration levels was to drink a whole bottle of water after every time I would use the restroom to be sure and replace the water I lost.


            Supplementing the body with extra nutrients and vitamins is not as important as most would think. Some may even say they are a waste of money. Here’s why.

            Vitamins and other types of pills like these can be useful if used properly, however most of the time people just pop them whenever they can to get their “daily intake” of whatever said pill contained. Whey protein(110431)Credit: google.comBecause the whole day’s worth of nutritional value is packed into that tiny pill, most of the nutritional value is lost through the urine. The body can only absorb so much at a time, and especially will not absorb pills properly if you’re not taking them with food. For the most part, the nutrients will not be stored for later use. This is why something like a protein shake or nutritional beverage is worth more value.   This is because we can drink these shakes in small sips throughout the day and keep the flow of nutrition steady, instead of wasting it.  If you’re not allergic to any types of animal products, whey protein would be the way to go. If not, there are many other alternatives on the market today.

Rest period

            Rest… Who doesn’t like it? This is a good thing because it is by far the most important part of the muscle building process. This is why.

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            During the rest period, your muscles are actually repairing the slight tearing in their fibers I was talking about earlier. It’s now time to repair the muscle damage we did earlier with our workout. I wish I could tell you there was an exact amount of time down to the minute regarding how long we should rest, but that would be a lie. You should rest your muscles and let them heal for however long it takes your body to not be sore anymore. When just beginning this workout, you most definitely could remain sore for about a week, two at the most. As time passes, your muscles will become stronger and they will not stay sore for as long. It will be a matter of one or two business days before you can start the process over again. Just kidding, weekends count too. Maintaining a healthy diet is key during this process. It also helps to not stay in bed all day or just sit around the house. Get out and go for walks or do some light jogging or cycling to get the blood circulating. This will help wash out the lactic acid in your muscles that causes the soreness. Consuming protein shakes during this time is a good way to help your muscles out by supplying them with the amino acids they need in order to repair themselves. Another important factor would be to get a good night’s rest, about eight hours or so. This is when your muscles have the best chance to repair themselves properly.

Concluding statements

            One last thing to keep in mind before I send you off is to always keep a positive attitude! I mean it when I say that having a positive attitude and being a happy person can change your world, not just at the gym either. positive thinking(110428)Credit: google.comWhen you’re confident with yourself and you have a strong stable mind, the body will follow you wherever you go. Being strong in the mind will increase the physical strength of your body. Always want it! Always KNOW you can do it! Have no doubts in mind, and your life will change for the better. Thank you for reading, and I hope these articles were informative and will help you with your journey. Take care, and be healthy.


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