Build Your Computer

If you want to save a lot of money on a computer, why not consider building it yourself. Here are basic instructions for building yourself an awesome computer.

Remove the side panel to the computer case to gain access to Motherboard with a screwdriver. Remove packing items inside. You will need Drivers for Windows Vista & Windows XP & manual. Begin with the processor and handle this with care. Match the pins with socket inside Motherboard. Pull up metal lever (AMD sockets -American Micro Devices), place processor on socket and pop lever down.

The heat sync (see arrow in picture) goes on top of the processor to keep it cool. This is like a little fan. Before you connect the heat sync, you need to lubricate it with a little thermal grease, which should be included with the heat sync. This will move the heat away from the processor. Get the mounts ready to secure the heat sync which also comes with the kit. Align the heat sync with the processor and secure it. Once this step is completed, you can hook the fan cable into the motherboard.

computer tool kit


The next step is to secure the Hard Drive (see arrow in Picture) to the motherboard. Place the Hard Drive so that the wire side of the Hard Drive is facing inward towards the computer, metal side up.

The next step is to install the optical drive. You can pop off the shield on outside of the motherboard. The optical drive will slide right in the front of the motherboard. Screw it into place from the inside. Make sure it's even in the front before screwing it in place.

Find your memory as that is the next thing to be installed. Push clamps aside and slide in memory & clamp in place on both sides.

Connecting the cables is the next step. Sata Cable from motherboard to the Hard Drive(Data Transfer Cable). They clip right in place. Pata Cable (for optical drive) is from motherboard to optical drive. (blue end to motherboard).

The power cables are the next step. The power supply goes to the motherboard, to the Hard Drive and to optical Drive. It also goes to whatever other peripherals (such as a graphic card if your installing one). Close up computer door. Plug into input devices (mouse, keyboard) and output devices (monitor, speakers).

Get ready to install Windows CD & the Driver CD.

  • Bare Bone systems have most of the wiring inside the motherboard which are mostly already connected.


  • Don't work on the computer on a carpet. Work on linoleum, wood or countertops


Things you will need:

  • Computer repair kit


  • Bare Bone system


  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)


  • Ram(2GB kit)


  • Hard drive 160 GB


  • Heat Sync


  • Optical Drive


  • Windows XP service pack 3


  • Wireless G Desktop Card for wireless internet