It's no secret how important computers have become to today's society.  It has become popular for places such as restaurants, cafes and stores to host free wireless internet for its users.  Schools and libraries are packed with computer rooms and labs.  Over 75% of US households have computers.  If you're not using a computer at home you are more than likely using one at work.  We depend on computers for work, paying bills, research, schoolwork and much, much more.

 So where am I going with this?  As our dependency on computers for our daily lives increases it begins to make sense to know and understand the technology we are using as well as having a computer that best suits our needs.  So how do we accomplish both of these?  With the seemingly daunting task of building our own computer.  I say this because building a computer actually isn't all that difficult!  It can actually be a very fun and exciting learning process.  

Researching what parts to buy can actually be the most difficult step but also the most informative and important.  The first step is determining what you want to use the computer for and then determining what parts you will need to buy.  I would suggest coming up with a budget first so as you learn what each component does you can decide where you want to spend more money and where you can save a few bucks.  As you learn about each component I would suggest reading reviews and forums to learn about which brands to look at so you can make sure you are buying quality parts.  This is where you will spend the most time as there are just so many companies to choose from.  Take the time to read and learn and you will be extremely satisfied at the end. is a great site to set up your build before using sites such as Amazon or Newegg to purchase.

Once you have determined which parts to buy it is time to start the build.  Again take your time and do some research to learn how everything goes together.  For the most part it is much simpler than you would think.  There are tons of great Youtube videos and websites that will take you step by step through your build.  

Once you finish your build you can begin using your custom built computer for whatever your needs may be.  Enjoy the satisfaction that the computer you use everyday was the product of your research and learning.  Your computer was built for exactly what you need.  You now understand and know what each component does.  And as time goes on, if a piece breaks or you want to make upgrades, you can buy new individual components as opposed to an entire new computer.  So if your looking for a new computer take the time and check out building it yourself.  It is a fun and rewarding experience you certainly won't regret.