Building garden pond waterfalls can be a lot easier than it may sound, plus it can give your pond a new look. However, as with any other project for the garden, if you will add a waterfall to your garden pond, you must make careful consideration to the design plan and its details.

First of all, when setting up a pond waterfall, make sure that the width of the waterfall is proportionate to the actual dimension of the pond. The main thing here is to ensure that the extent of the structure that you're building will go well with other features of the pond and will not ruin the symmetry of the whole garden design. The next thing to consider is the kind of materials that you will make use of. There are 2 main choices:

  1. You can prefer to utilize a liner and then lined it with rocks to make the garden pond waterfall.
  2. For easier construction and less work, you can simply purchase a pre-built fiberglass waterfall.
Other things that you have to purchase are:
  1. A pump – this will bring the water up to the pinnacle of your waterfall.
  2. A filter – this is needed to keep the environment in the pond healthy and clean. Usually, this is placed at the crest of the waterfall so that the water can be cleansed before it falls back to the pond.
After you have all the things that you need, you can now use the shovel and start digging. If you will use a liner, you can shove a channel first and then place the liner. You can now position the rocks in the liner so that the water can run through them.

Make the waterfall look natural by strategic rock placement. When you have created the look that you want and you're satisfied, secure the rocks with black waterfall foam. This will make sure that the water will run around and over the rocks instead of underneath.

On the other hand, if you will use a pre-built fiberglass model, you will only need to dig enough and then fit in the unit. Finally, install the pump, water filter, and water supply to your custom-built garden pond waterfalls.

Given that everything is working properly and you think you have done a great job, then it's now time to put your feet up and enjoy your own pond water features.

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