Learn how to build your own windmill.

With the economy is at an all-time low and the interests in going green so high, now is the perfect time to find ways to create your own energy source by learning how to build a windmill.

The following steps will walk you through how to build your own windmill to produce energy for your home both, easily and economically.

  1. The first step is to construct a sturdy, strong base to support your windmill. It's recommended that you use either concrete or a few sandbags depending on whether you want to have a set location or be able to move it around to meet the wind's direction.

  1. After constructing a sturdy base, build a tower and attach it to the base. The tower should be built out of strong, sturdy, and flexible plywood. If your base is strong but your tower isn't, your windmill won't work properly. In order to maximize wind power and get more energy it is recommended that your tower be at least 5 feet tall. Make sure that your tower is strong enough to hold the windmill while allowing the blades freedom to move.

  1. Your third step is to create the blades for your windmill. For the highest quality, best energy producing windmill you can by pre-made blades. They have been shown to stand the test of time as well as maximize energy from the winds output. However, if you need to cut down costs, then you can build your own blades from plywood or another light wood.

  1. Your blades and tower sizes should be in direct comparison with each other so that you do not tip. For example, a 5 foot tower should have blades that are between 2 and 3 feet in length. The blades need to be able to turn in order to capture the wind to produce energy. Therefore it is important to make blades that do not come in direct contact with the tower and are light enough for the breeze to push.

  1. Finally, the last step in building your own windmill, you will need to build a gearbox to allow the windmill to capture energy. A shaft to connect the blades to the tower is good enough for a low tech solution but you can find more high tech connections if you like.

build your own windmill

You will now have built your very own windmill that will help produce energy in your very own yard for very little cost. Now that you've gone green by learning how to build a windmill the next step is to learn how to build your own solar panel.