If you have outdoor cats and have been thinking about how to build a cat shelter to house them from the cold weather, enemies and other elements, then you will love this cedar cabin.

This is fully insulated and ready to put together.  You can get plans and make your own, or design your own from scratch, but getting a kit is a great way to get one of these outdoor shelters up and ready for use quickly.

Everything you need is sent to you in a package and you simply have to put a few of the panels together and end up with this gorgeous looking “cabin in the woods”  

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Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House with Lounging Deck and Extended Roof
Amazon Price: $235.95 $187.53 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 21, 2016)

It is built from durable cedar, and comes complete with a window  for lazing around on with those warm summer days and nights and watching the world go by in comfort.

This will give your outdoor cats, or even your indoor cats that get to go out and play a place to hang out, nap, play and also be safe from enemies that may migrate into the yard especially at night.

You can also use this shelter for small dogs as well, but it works well for cats!  So, if you have been thinking about building a cat shelter, then take a look at some of the amazing plans and kits that are on the market. 

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Insulated and Cedar for Protection

Small Insulated Cedar Cat House
Amazon Price: $186.95 $153.65 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 21, 2016)

Kitty shelters have gone “uptown” now when it comes to design and function.  Why make a basic boring box, when they can have a “little cabin in the woods” complete with a front window and room to nap inside and stay warm in this insulated kit.

It uses braced diagonally 2 x 2 framing construction for durability in all kinds of weather, and wood is the best insulator for pets as many plastic houses can get very hot in the summer and brittle and icy in the winter.  The roof is removable for any cleaning or to check on any of your cats!

cat shelterCredit: amazon.com

Play Time!

Large Heated Cedar Outdoor Cat House with Heated Loft
Amazon Price: $799.00 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 21, 2016)

It can be simply put together and ready to go fast.  You can get many styles of cat shelters at most pet supply stores, but if you have outside cats, then they need heated or insulated houses with durable construction and preferably not plastic as it will not stand the test of time in the elements.

You can get these “uptown” style cat shelters online at sites such as Amazon.  It is worth shopping online to compare prices and get the best quality built cat shelters that are not only functional but good looking too!

This cabin style shelter would look good in any yard, you can even landscape around it so that it fits in better with the landscaping of your yard.

So, if you want to build a cat shelter for your outdoor cats, then consider a kit instead and get everything you need to put together quickly a decent and well made shelter for your happy cats!

If you have a free spirited kitty, that can be hard to keep indoors, especially at night, then giving them a place to go to feel safe, will give them that edge against the elements.