kitchen rules

Write down your kitchen repertoire. We all have a certain meal we can make without consulting a cook book, possibly without even thinking. This information is already in your head, but putting it on paper clarifies it. It makes you more aware. Plus, it will also provide you with a written reminder of what you are capable of, on those days when you simply cannot what to cook. 

You may also be surprised at how accomplished you already are. Once you begin your list, you will start remembering all those meals you can make with your eyes closed. You may even be inspired to add new dishes to your list. And if you were to learn just one new recipe a month, for example, your repertoire will son be pretty impressive. 

Knowing you have an armory of meals that you can make easily and without too much thought will be some comfort when you are next called upon to do so. (Which probably will not be far off...) 

Pick Up a Cook Book 

This tip really works for me. I find that when I browse a really nice cook book it makes me a want to cook. It provokes some kind of innate desire in me to provide delicious, nutritious meals for my loved ones. How is that for motivation? 

The key to this, however, is timing. If you grab the book minutes before the children's tea-time (or worse, before hungry guests are due) the pressure will kill the experience. But if you do this in a quite moment, in advance, without any expectation or panicked cries of What on earth can I cook?, you may be surprised...

As you casually peruse lovely pictures of scrumptious food, you just might be inspired. You may see something that catches your eye, something you actually want to make. Many modern cookbooks are objects of beauty in their own right, with beautiful photography or design. So just relax, enjoy it and be open to ideas. 

Cooking is like love it should be entered into with abandon or not at all - Harriet van Horne

If a certain picture looks appealing, or a certain recipe sounds delicious, go with it. Make mental note the ingredients or stick them on your shopping list.  (I have been known to be so inspired by recipe that I immediately ventured out to track down the ingredients.) Even if nothing, strikes you immediately, on a sub-conscious level, you are reinforcing food and cooking as something pleasurable, rather than just another chore. 

So if your cooking has lots its flavour, dig out your library. Perhaps you could borrow from a friend. (You may even find this sparks a common interest for tea!) Alternatively, there are many gorgeous foodie magazines or websites which can be just as inspiring. - Danielle Raine

In doing this, you can turn a basic requirment - to eat or feed - into one of life's pleasures. You are bringing the joy of food back into your life. And then, when your tribe have happily devoured your new creation, you can proudly add it to your repertoire!