Build a garden retreat

With all the demands and stresses of everyday living, your garden can help you stay healthy by providing you with an at-home place to unwind. Since you are probably paying taxes on your land anyway, you might just as well make your backyard into something that pays you back. Here are some thoughts on ways you can build your own garden retreat.

Since this will be a place for you to unwind, it's important to take a little time to think about what you will find relaxing. Not everyone will want to treat their garden space the same. What is a beautiful landscape for one person is not so enjoyable to another. For some people, building a hidden space in the middle of nature will make the perfect garden retreat. For others an outdoor room designed with an outdoor fireplace and comfy furniture will do the trick. Exercise can be a way to relax for some folks, so a sport court, a jogging path or an outdoor workout room may be the best stress reducer.

Other outdoor retreats may be best furnished with a fire pit, a hammock hung between two shady trees, or a trickling fountain or peaceful pond. Water adds the soothing element of sound. Avid gardeners work off tension digging and planting so caring for flower gardens and vegetable gardening may be a reward that reduces stress for these folks.

More costly items can be built into the landscape offering years of retreats and staycations. Try designing a swimming pool or hot tub into the landscape to relieve stress. Building an outdoor room can become your own backyard getaway.

Think about what kind of area will work best for you to take your mind off of daily pressures. Then look at your yard space and sketch out how and where your desired features will go. Make sure you don't add to your stress by planning a garden retreat you can't afford. Remember that even a simple quiet space surrounded by plants and nature can help calm the spirit. You can always start small and get more elaborate as funds become available.

A garden retreat can look like whatever you want it to be. Just don't ignore that space around your house that you can turn into a garden retreat. Your own backyard can actually help improve the quality of your life. Let nature help sooth away all the tension and expectations that threaten your good health. Nature demands nothing from you and sometimes, when you slow down and really spend a little time in the garden your values and priorities can quietly rearrange and you can come inside refreshed and relaxed.

And if you really want to build in some of those more expensive features into your landscape, think how much you will be saving by not having to travel whenever you take some time off. Maybe the cost of construction will end up cheaper in the long run after all! And then you can justify building your garden retreat just the way you want.