So are you thinking of building a chicken coop? You may have been considering it for a while, but felt that it would cost you too much. Or that you needed to use special material to build it. But really the overall

Backyard Chicken Coop

project can cost you very little money. So instead of just thinking about it move on and build that coop.

If you are aware of the right places to go, you may be able to get all your materials for free. That's right absolutely no money being put out, though you will need to buy nails. The main idea is to put up something that is going to be able to provide some shelter.

Perhaps you can even find an old lawnmower shed to place up and use as a small chicken coop. However, many people are hoping to get a nicer looking coop when they build it. So you are going to have to go either to the lumberyard, or find a house that is being built.

At the lumberyard you will need to see if they have any pieces of scrap wood they are planning to get rid of. Do the same by asking someone at the job of the home, or calling the construction company. Many times the only thing that will happen with this scrap is it will get thrown away.

When you head over to that construction site you should ask about leftover shingles too. Because if they still have some you will be able to use those on your chicken coop. All these materials will only be thrown out by them if no one needs it.

Getting material for those chicken roosts that you will place up can be done in many ways. Perhaps you will have gotten some two by two or four by fours at either the lumberyard or home site. If not you can always find some small branches and nail those up. However, correct placement of those perches is very important. Don't place them above the walkway or above where you will be gathering eggs.

While windows don't need to be anything special either, check at a local thrift shop to find something for those. However, you will first need to build your frame. The size of the frame will be how big you are planning to make your coop.

Once your frame is completed, you will need to secure the floor and walls to that frame. If you don't have enough old boards to place on the walls, use plywood instead. Place the roosts up after you have the walls and frame in place. Finally you will be able to install nesting boxes and straw in those boxes.