If you live anywhere in the world with a short growing season you could really expand your diet with healthy vegetables by building a lean to greenhouse. The great think about a greenhouse like this is it is cheap and easy to construct. All you need is a South facing wall , or North facing if you live in the Southern hemisphere, four boards and some clear plastic sheeting. You will be amazed at how much you can improve your yield.
Start with four cheap boards like 2x4's that are about 8 feet long. Nail them together to make a box 8 feet on each side. Staple some plastic sheeting over the boards. Do not use glass because it does not diffuse the light like plastic does. Next to the wall of your house turn the soil over in a plot 8 feet wide by 5 feet deep. This will be your planting area. Once the ground is worked and your plants planted lean the plastic sheet frame against the house over your garden plot.
Take some more plastic sheeting and cover both ends of your structure. You now have a cheap lean to greenhouse that will do wonders for your love of fresh grown produce. During the summer months the temperature may get too hot in the afternoons. If this is the case you can remove the covers on the ends or even move the lean to off to the side.
You also need to think about water. If your plants are covered they will not receive any rain water so it will be up to you to be sure the soil is moist. A green house will keep some of the moisture in but not enough to take care of the plants' needs.
Everybody is complaining about high food bills today. If you would like to cut your expenses then build a lean to greenhouse out of cheap materials and gain the added benefit of healthy, fresh produce.