1976 RV

Are you building a new house? Are you building your own home, or are you having a contractor build a house for you?

Either way you do it, it will still cost you a pretty penny! But there is one way that you can really save on the expenses. Live on site.

Before you hit the back button, with visions of mud, tents, and no shower... think again. With all of the trailers out there now, you can have all the comforts of home and be saving big time on the cost of building a new home.

You can save enough to put upgrades in your house.

We lived on site while building. We did a lot of the work ourselves, and hired out contractors for the work we could not do, such as electricians, plumbers. Even if you hire out everyone and are acting as your own general contractor, living on site will save you money. You can sit in a chair and watch them and be putting money in your pocket.

Here are a few pros for living on site:

1. You can go ahead and sell the house you are in, without worrying about carrying two mortgages (the present house and the one being built) and you don't have to worry about closing dates timing right.

2. You sell your house first, and then start the new one. By doing this, you know exactly how much money you will have, there will be no guessing.

3. You can rent house trailers. This is the better way, because they are on wheels. Many townships have a problem with permanent structures such as mobile homes on blocks! Plus sometimes you may need to move it, depending on the size of your lot. Plus all you have to do is show a contract with a sewage pump company that will come and pump out the holding tank of your trailer, and the town will be happy. Even with that extra costs it was still much cheaper to do things this way.

4. You are right on site, it there is a problem with any of the building design, or if you hired a contractor, you can keep your eye on him or her.

5. You are on site, which saves HUGE on the building house insurance. Many home insurance companies won't even cover you until the materials are nailed down. So you normally have to stagger deliveries to be on days that the material will be used, rather than stock piling.

But sometimes we got a good deal on interior doors etc.. We build a shed in the back corner of the lot put on a big lock and it was right beside the house trailer.. We had no problems.

If you sit down and work out the costs of hanging on to two places, driving back and forth to the site, especially if it is across town or out of town. You can save a lot of money.

We took six months to build, longer than we expected due to labor delays and material delays, but I can't even imagine what we would have done, if the closing date of the house we sold did not coincide with the new house.. This would have caused undue stress.

No one builder can tell you the exact move in date, so by selling first and getting moved onto the lot, is a huge saving.

Everyone was happy even the cat

Now of course, as with any cost cutting schemes, there are the CONS:

At the end of the day, you are technically camping, if you hate camping with a passion then maybe this wont' work for you. But before you give up on the idea, go to a trailer rental place and look at the conveniences in these newer trailers. They drop it off, set it up, and you move in. You can get your satellite set up for TV and then just transfer it to the new house. Place your trailer across the back of the lot out of the way.

You need to arrange temporary power and water.. You will need the temporary power to build the house anyway. We ended up using a generator, we just powered up the batteries in the RV, and we got a few days out of them. Some of these trailers have onboard generators now.

You can get water delivered, until you get your water to your house. Most trailers have a holding tank for water. We, rented a tank used at fairs etc, and got it filled once a month, and used that water for the showers, dishes etc, just pumped it to the trailer, and got jugs for the drinking water.

You will need to put your stuff in storage, but this will be a good time to do a cleanout and decide what is worth keeping or not. I got motivated to do a big clean out when we sold the first house, as we wanted to pay minimum storage.

A friend of ours, had a garage built first on the property and stored all the stuff in there. But I just had a good clean out, after all, I wanted some new things for the new house, that was the whole point to building a new home.

Now, I saw a lot of nice trailers, but my hubby convinced me, and lured me with new trinkets for the house, by getting me to live in a 1976 flower power, RV! I am not even a camper, but somehow I managed. I could help more with the house, be there to make decisions, and already had the address changed.

Even with the extras, such as the water tank rental, and the sewer pumping, we were still saving a lot of money, especially since it took six months. We got the house of our dreams, and moved in from the trailer. We had teenagers at the time, who managed also, they did not have to clean their rooms the same way! We came up with a system of cleaning and cooking, mostly barbecuing, and from June to December it was like one big adventure.

By December, though we were sick of camping.. But we then enjoyed the house even more! It was such a Christmas present to get our stuff back that we had not seen in six months.

Everyone thought we were crazy, but you know what? At the end of the day, it was a lot less stress to do it this way. The other house was sold and gone and moved out.. Nothing to worry about now, but the building a new house. So we concentrated on that.

You don't have to be in a crazy RV like I was, there are many beautiful models you can rent and just sit and watch your house being built.

If you are planning to build this year, take a look at this idea.. It may take a bit of organizing, but it was well worth the savings.