Building A Niche Blog Post Article

Building a niche blog post article is something I came up with for my own personal on line income stream. It simply put is an added way to make money from each article I write. I am not under the impression that this will make me an instant millionaire, I am using this method to gain from 2 to 10 dollars per month per article.

Having an extensive library of on line content already published offers the Internet marketing buff an opportunity to market each article as a separate entity. This allows anyone who has even one on line article published, the opportunity to become a professional income producing on line writer.

I have been writing on line content for several years now and I have come to the point where I can look at some of the statistical data that comes back from the various sources I use to monitor traffic coming into my work. What I've noticed is largely in line with the 80/20 rule. This simply stated means that 20 percent of your work will create 80 percent of your income.

Most people will say that the 20 percent of your work that's making money is where you should concentrate your best efforts with back links and bookmarking to get even more traffic to those pages. I found that I do the opposite and spend the majority of my time promoting the ones that don't produce on their own. This may not be the conventional wisdom but it has shown me that I can get traffic to all of my work not just the popular keyword stuff.

When I write an article I'm normally writing about something that interests me. I take a subject that is intriguing to myself and expand the thought for others to read. I'm not initially thinking about making money with the work. This keeps my writing creative and non mechanical sounding that can occur when trying to satisfy a search engine bot with the proper amount of keyword use or sentence context. I'm writing in a way that the average reader will enjoy the flow.

Search engines now are very good at judging just that. They understand how the reader wants to be informed. They take the most relevant content that is the most user friendly, by ratings, return visitors, demographics that are so many in number that I can't list even a small portion of them here. All of these variables are combined and your work gets indexed by the results.

Some keywords will obviously rank higher then others and there fore these articles will get automatic organic exposure to the masses. Some however have very few searches and these articles will take more targeted promotion to receive traffic.

When I build a niche blog post article it is easier to decide what kind of links to include just by looking at the content. I find a word or phrase that is marketable within the work that I've already written and then I go looking for products with Amazon affiliates, Commission Junction or Linkshare that fit the word. Simply link the words. You can add product pics and as many ads as you would like to a blog with out constricting rules.

Google Adsense ads should be used on the niche blog and an Amazon A-store can be built containing all products related to your content. This store can be placed in a tabbed separate page on the blog and designed to be the same colors and style as your blog.

These are just a few of the possible ways to make money creating a niche blog post article. I guess my main point would be to take a separate look at all the articles you have that haven't been very good producing income and take each one to the next level. Watch your statistics climb and you'll keep doing it. Progress breeds progress as we all want to succeed badly in this on line writing endeavor that we undertake.

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