Building A Pergola Takes Patience And Enthusiasm

-by steps

A beautiful structure for a yard or garden is an outdoor pergola. It can be an exceptional addition to any home. To build this outdoor pergola, some steps will have to be taken before accomplishing the process. With some planning and the proper plans for the building along with some tools and materials, an individual can create this beautiful structure.

What Purpose Does a Pergola Serve

  • It covers an outdoor area such as a patio or barbecue space to protect individuals from the sunlight.


  • It adds beauty to any outdoor space.


  • It can be used to display vines or beautiful flowers.


  • A pergola can be built open to offer some protection for the outside elements, or it can be made with some adjustable type roofing panels that will offer more protection.

How to get Started Building Your Very Own Pergola
Some do-it-yourself manuals are available that will offer instructions to build pergolas in a variety of styles. Some hardware stores will carry these manuals but if someone prefers to use the internet for instructions, he or she can check out some reliable websites such as DIY Network and Home Depot. Once an individual has obtained the instructions for their chosen style of pergola along with some patience and enthusiasm, they can start to build their very own pergola by following the building specifications.

Materials Needed to Build the Pergola

  • Reciprocating saw


  • Safety glasses


  • Pry bar


  • Miter saw


  • Circular saw


  • Hammer


  • Jigsaw


  • Drill


  • Tape measure


  • Level


  • Lag bolts and washers


  • Galvanized deck screws


  • Ladder


  • Socket wrench and different sizes of sockets


  • 4x4 Weatherproofed cedar posts need to be chosen in a size listed in the instructions.


  • Cedar lumber cut according to the instructions in the manual or website.


  • Posthole digger and gravel

Each style of pergola will require a certain amount of bolts and washers as well as lumber. The individual design will determine how many to purchase of these items. One of the most important parts of creating a pergola is to draw the design and measure the height, width and length to have the correct measurements.

Steps to Building the Pergola

  • Start by measuring the locations for the supporting posts, and then use the digger to dig four 24-inch deep holes that are 9 inches wide.


  • The next step is to prepare the cedar posts by cutting them with the reciprocating saw and the miter saw to the correct measurements listed in the instructions, and then put some gravel into each hole before placing the cedar posts. Use the level to make sure that all the posts are level with each other. Prepare and pour some quick drying cement into each hole and let it set for the next 24 hours. Since these are the posts that will support the pergola, they need to be completely secure and level in the ground before proceeding to the next step.


  • The joist beams, which are the horizontal beams to connect the posts, will need to be cut from the lumber. Since these beams will be the front of the pergola, some decorative detail cutting can add some beauty to the pergola. These beams will be attached by drilling holes and connecting them by using bolts and washers.


  • The connecting beams for the top slats will be cut next. Space these vertical to the supporting beams, and then use galvanized deck screws to attach them in place. Finish the wood with stain or paint. If panels are included in the design, follow the instructions to install.

The last step is to enjoy the new pergola that was built by your own hands.