Successful Blog
Building a successful blog has become a lot easier and much cheaper or in many cases free.In fact anyone can have a blog up and running in a few minutes.If you browse through a lot of the blogs online it becomes blatantly apparent that many new people are building blogs, And they are not very good at it.There is lots of advice out there to help you get your blog off the ground, and you can find posts on selecting a blogging platform and template design as well as tips for writing to your blog and promoting your blog - all very helpful.

This article will look at more straight forward tips for building your blog.I guess in a way these are seven Pet Hates i constantly find as i browse the Blogisphere.But having built many blogs and with my main topic being building successful blogs there is a good chance if it's a pet hate for me it is for most others.The quest we face as bloggers is finding a happy medium when building a blog, you want to be creative and put your stamp on your blog but you also have to play by the rules.Your content should be the focus of your entire blog not fancy images or gadgets, but you do need to reserve some of your blogs real estate for the fancy stuff.

Remember blogging is fun but it's no fun just writing for yourself and you mom, to stop people from clicking off your blog but rather coming back lets look at a few things you can implement or get rid of.

Too Much Rubbish - All blogs need some essentials in the sidebars and footer everything else is rubbish.Take a look at your blog and see whats needed, whats useful and what just looks cool but has no great purpose.Every single gadget, image, video or anything you add slows your blogs loading time and clutters the appearance.

Hard To navigate - Every time the reader of your blog thinks "What will i do now" you should have an option for them that will keep them on your blog.A navigation menu at the top of the page, recent posts or archives in the sidebar, related posts listed below each post and the option to subscribe or sign up for a newsletter should be at the top and bottom of each page on your blog.Don't ever let the reader leave your blog without a fight, keep providing options.

Auto play video or audio - Sometimes a website can justify having auto play video or audio, for example sales pages but a blog should never use auto playing video or audio.If i visit a blog that starts blasting out music i don't look for the option to stop the music i immediately leave.You can have your favorite music and videos on your blog just leave the option to play them to the reader.

Animated Gif's - Animated images in general are a pain and can be an eye sore on your blog.Wherever possible avoid using animated images they just look cheap and tacky.

Poor choice of colors and fonts - Making you posts easy to read is key in building a successful blog.People are lazy when online, if they have to work to read your blog they will move on.Use a large clear font for example the Georgia font is great, make your links a different color to the rest of the text preferably blue as it is the universal link color.If you use a black background use white text, blogs using primary colors for example red as the main text color just doesn't work.Look at the top blogs and you will see a trend when it comes to colors, they all keep it simple.

No contact page - When you create your blog you are going to be giving your opinion, blogs do have comments for people to share their opinion but sometimes people will want to contact you in a manner not appropriate for comments.Setting up a contact page or at least providing some avenue for readers to contact you is key.You will be suprised at how many people will want to get in touch as your blog grows, this can be great for building relationships with other bloggers.

No about page - One of the big differences between blogs and websites is blogs are more personal.Bloggers share opinions and connect with readers in a way you cant with a website.For this reason people want to know who you are and what possessed you to start the blog or were you plan on going with the blog in the future.You don't need to give too much personal information on your "about me page", keep it to Who (Who you are), What (What the aim of the blog is), Were (Were You Are), When (When you start the blog) and Why (Why you started the blog).

It's very hard to stand out from the crowed in the blogging world, there are millions of blogs online and probably thousands of bloggers writing about the same things as you.But if you do want to build a unique blog find an angle that does not effect the readability or appearance, easier said than done but you can Spice up your blog without stepping on too many feet.

Have You Any Pet Hates That Drive You Away From Blogs ?