If you are searching for a new bow then you probably have noticed that there are ridiculously wide ranges of options that are avaiable right now. You are first given the task of searching between all the types of bows such as the recurve, the longbow, or a compound bow. Then once you have figured out that compound bows are the ones that you want to shoot, the waters get even murkier. You have to figure out what types of cams you want. You have to make sure that the limbs are going to fit your shooting style and finally you need to feel comfortable with the riser in your hands.

Cams are the eccentric system that is typically connected with the compound bow and is associated with the strings, the wheels and the harnesses. You should be aware of the three different types of cams systems that are on the market today. The soft cam will allow you to get the bow to full draw in a very smooth manner but it will translate to less energy on the shot. Aggressive cams will allow you to get more energy from the draw cycle and give you deeper penetration, so they are good if you are thinking of using them for hunting. Single cams are considered to be quieter and have fewer worries about their tuning.

You also want to make sure that you are aware of the different type of limb materials and styles. The limbs can be either split or standard configurations. Standard is usually a single limb that is typically laminated. The split limb configuration is two pieces that make up the riser that has the advantage of making the bow quieter and mush lighter than the standard configuration. Most of the compound bows limbs that are on the market right now are made of a carbon fiber and fiberglass blend. This particular set up lets the bow maintain its strength while not taking away its flexibility.

When you are looking at the type of riser that if offered on the compound bows, there are three different types of material from which the riser is made. Cast aluminum risers are typically pre-molded, so they are the cheaper option, but there is no customization to the shooter. Then you have the bows that are machined aluminum (and/or anodized) which means that they will wear much better. Given that the riser is where you place your hand, this is a preferred riser type. You might also find a bow out there that has a magnesium riser; these are heavier, so they are slowly going out of style.

Once you have narrowed down your selection on the type of bow that you would like it is time to head out to your local pro shop and feel them out. Writing about these different characteristics and reading about them is one thing, but actually holding the bow is a completely different feeling. While you are there, you can ask the person at the pro shop whatever extra questions you may have about your compound bows. You can guide him in the direction that you think you need to go because of this article. 

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