Banner printing is a great way to brand and advertise a business or marketing endeavor. Banners convey a vibrant and powerful message that can attract customers in a manner in which few other advertising methods can. Whether they are placed in a storefront, a lobby, or at a tradeshow, a great banner design reflects the strengths and style of a company.

Banners can represent a concise, bold message, such as advertising about a 30% off storewide sale. Banners can also create a mood and set the tone for a new customer entering a store. A new restaurant may put a vinyl sign out front with a dark color scheme, an attractive couple enjoying dinner, and some martini glasses to create the image of a trendy spot to bring a date.

Banners are made on vinyl or fabric materials and can be ordered in custom-made sizes and finishes. Banners can be placed in one of three styles of banner displays; Step and Repeat, Pop-Up, and Retractable. Step and Repeat is derived from a Photoshop term used for the duplication of an object and spacing. Step and Repeat banners feature one or more company logos portrayed in a step- or diagonally-alternating pattern. This is a great display to use to emphasize a brand name or logo during press conferences and special events. Pop-up banners are easy to setup and are ideal for trade shows and events. Retractable banner displays are attached to a spring-loaded roller, making them easy to display and pack up in a rush. This versatility is attractive to most business marketing needs.

Vinyl signs may be the most popular material for banner printing. Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride, is the third most widely produced plastic in the world. Vinyl is extremely durable and weather-resistant, making it the ideal material for outdoor banners. Vinyl signs can be made with grommets to enable the sign to be easily hung. Vinyl banners will usually last for at least five years and can be printed in a variety of ways.  Most companies looking market with the sing long-term choose vinyl for these reasons.

Before digital printing was available, banners were made using screen-printing or they were painted by hand. Screen-printing utilizes a stencil to apply ink to a surface material. This method has been around in some form for over a thousand years. Digital printing services that are now offered make digital printing the fastest and most efficient method of banner printing. The fastest inkjet digital printers can print up to 3,000 square feet per hour, making it the ideal method for high-resolution and high-quality banners. The speed of today’s printing is much more suitable for company in need of marketing banners.

For company’s looking to make a grand statement, wide format printing offers options for producing large-scale banners. Building wraps and wall murals are a great method for kicking off a new marketing or sponsorship campaign, but they are not possible without using wide format printing.  This style of printing allows company’s to take a small logo or design and enlarge it to be displayed on the side of a building. Whatever a company’s advertising needs may be, banner printing offers a wide-range of styles and formats to fit into any marketing campaign or event.