successful in life

Confidence is a feeling of certainty, trust in one's own ability. So many people don't have self confidence in themselves that is why they don't make progress in their life endeavors. Without confidence in oneself, it is difficult to make advances in life. The world is controlled by men and women with confidence. If you must make a difference in your generation,

You must be very sure and certain in which you profess and believe in. It is when men see your courage and confidence in what you do and believe that they will attract to celebrate you. We live in a world where the confidence reign and the fearful are slaves. Confidence commands authority. in the world today, confidence is what people understand and respected. When you are unsure of your self and demonstrated lack of confidence, people will step on you. Whatever your endeavor is, you need confidence to be able to stand. For the Bible says that the righteous shall be bold as the lion.

We need to have confidence always if we must be successful in life. Separate yourself from the crowd by stepping out from the crowd. Resolve within you to have confidence in whatever you are doing. The worst enemy of confidence is inferiority complex. You feel that every body is above you. Jesus did what he did on earth with confidence; he knew where he came from and where he was going. He knows what to do at all time and did it with confidence. He taught with authority which commanded the respect of his followers.   The confidence Goliath displayed rendered the Israelite army powerless. When a man's confidence is broken, he is a broken and defeated person.

Everyman of exploits in the Bible was a man of outstanding confidence. Confidence produces great rewards. There is no greatness without confidence; it backs up every breakthrough in life. People with confidence do not allow circumstances to dictate to them what to do. They are not carried away by what people say or do.

How To Build Confidence

. Know Your God - The people that know God shall be strong and do exploits. It takes knowing God to be confidence any time any day and under any condition

. Know The Word Of God - You have to know the word of God, it builds confidence in you. Feed on it; digest the word of God, let it be in you. There is no situation that can resist the word of God. When you build your foundation on God's word, it will build confidence in you. It will give you courage and erode fear out from your life.

. Believe In Yourself And Your Abilities - It is pertinent that we believe in our God given ability. Until we believe in what we carry in our inside, people will continue to look down on us. We must believe in our abilities at all times in other for us to become great and successful in life.