Healthy Living for Your Kids Starts With You

As we all know as parents; children don’t come with an instruction manual, but there are things that we have seen other parents do that give us a good idea of what works and what does not.  When a child is born each of us have a duty as parents to give the child the necessary tools to be successful in life.  How well we do with that task depends on our history, education, and believe it or not the job our parents did in raising us.  So what do you do to build confidence in children?  The first thing you need to do is know your child.  Talk with them and understand who they are as a person.  After that the following tips should help you to instill important values and goals in your child that will work their entire life.

Building Confidence in Children Tip #1: Applaud Their Strengths and Help Them Overcome Their Weaknesses. 

Building Confidence in ChildrenCredit: photo credit: ToniVC via photo pin ccEvery child has things they are good at doing.  This could be singing, writing, playing an instrument or athletics.  Unfortunately, they are not going to excel at everything.  As parents we can see weaknesses in our children like perhaps being too shy or afraid of speaking in front of others or even being afraid of the dark.  These are the areas where we need to give support and work with our children to overcome those things.  We also need to make sure that we applaud and support the things that they do well. When a child has his or her first baseball game; attend if you can.  When they begin playing their instruments; let them practice at home and lend an ear when needed.  We are the start of our children feeling good or bad about themselves, so we need to make sure we are giving them positive but true feedback and help.

Building Confidence in Children Tip #2: Be Who You Expect Them To Become. 

Self Confidence in ChildrenCredit: photo credit: VinothChandar via photo pin ccIf you ask most smokers how they got started, they will tell you by watching one of their parents smoking.  This is an example of the influence we have over our children.  Every day we should be the example we expect our kids to follow in all aspects of their life.  If you want hard work and integrity to be a part of your child’s psychological makeup; then you must have those same characteristics.  Our kids pay attention to what we are doing so we should be showing them what a decent, caring, assertive human being looks like.  If we show them the opposite, how can we be surprised if that is what they choose to become?

Building Confidence in Children Tip #3: Never Give the Easy Yes, When There Needs to be a Hard No. 

Building Confidence in Children(109214)Credit: photo credit: Vince Alongi via photo pin ccSweet 16 parties with movie star guests and lavish cars have become the must have for spoiled children.  Even parents that can barely afford to feed their families are taking their bill money to give a child this ridiculous want.  Your job as a parent is not to allow your child to have or do whatever they want to do.  As a parent, there are times when you must tell a child NO.  Allowing a child to do things with NO thought to the consequences is a recipe for disaster.  By saying NO to certain things, the Yes will mean so much more.  Give your kids what they need and make them earn the things that they want by working for them.  This will teach them self-sufficiency and respect for what they have.  So just say NO sometimes and watch your child flourish.

Building Confidence in Children Tip #4: Talk to Kids Like Every Word Counts Because They Do. 

Building Confidence in Children(109215)Credit: photo credit: gaspi *yg via photo pin ccCalling your child an idiot or telling them that they are just like their mother or father in a hurtful way is a form of emotional abuse.  If your intent is to get a child’s attention by using this method, believe me it will work, but to their detriment.  Many adults today have low self-esteem because of the way their parents spoke to them trying to get them to comply with their rules.  Instead of positive reinforcement, these negative words break children down instead of building them up.  So talk to kids the same way you would want someone to talk to you.  Your words can either help them or hurt them, it’s your choice; choose wisely.

Building Confidence in Children Tip #5: Have The Money Talk-It Will Pay Off. 

So many parents fail to talk with their children about finances.  This has left them financially illiterate and unable to take care of their responsibilities.  By talking to your children about saving money, setting financial goals, planning a budget and paying bills; you are walking them down the road to financial success.  Start today by giving them allowance for the chores they do and then helping them to decide how much to save, what they are saving it for, and how much to spend on the things that are important to them.   Giving this advice now will keep them from having to move back in with you later.

From the day they are born; we owe it to our children to help them be the best people they can possibly be.  Help them overcome their weaknesses, set a good example, talk to them with care and advise them on finances.  These tips will help them to be stable, well-rounded members of society.