What makes a website attractive to visitors? Plain and simple: The content it offers.

You can run an expensive pin-point advertising campaign, offer the most enticing affiliate program, even grasp the power of viral marketing, but unless your site is rich in content, traffic spikes as a result of their efforts will only be temporary. You should aim to provide content that is of use to your audience or simply entertaining, of course this involves knowing your target audience well. To be perfectly honest it is possible for ANYONE to create content-rich Web sites by following a few key points:

- Be disciplined

- Update your site often

- Learn how to create content, or at least where to find it.

Discipline Yourself!

A prerequisite for creating a content rich site is having unwavering focus and determination. Believe me, I know from experience that it's easy to spend hours upon hours just clicking around on the net. You really have to drown out the distractions. Set aside maybe an hour or two per day to only surf sites and content that is directly related to your own sites target audience. This is a great way to learn about what your competitors are doing and therefore create a truly content rich website.

This discipline also applies to actually creating the required content. Writers of all kinds, from novelists to article writers rarely wait around for inspiration to come and smack them in the head. Usually it is a case of making a writing schedule and sticking to it. Often you will not feel like writing but you should sit down anyway and begin typing. The content you create at first may not be the best but eventually you will be able to sit down and write an article which can be published with very little editing.

Regular Updates Keeps Your Website's Heart Pumping!

Have you ever been searching for something on the net and come across a website or blog and realise its last post or update was a couple of months ago? This happens to me frequently and immediately I go somewhere else because the information is probably not current.

This is what you DO NOT want visitors to think about your site. People will keep coming back to your site if they feel that they will see or learn something new from it each time. Update regularly or face the consequences!

Actually Creating Your Rich Content...

At this stage in the game you should have a pretty good idea of the content which your audience wants to see. This certainly makes it a hell of a lot easier to cater for them. The next step is choosing the form in which that content will take, for different niches certain types of content will be more appealing. Here are some examples of content which you can create, experiment and see which works best for your audience:

- Feature Articles

- Product Reviews

- Announcements

- Interviews with people involved in your niche

- Interactive Content – polls, discussion groups, forums, feedback comments.

To Conclude...

Remember that all the content you write should be relevant. It is easy to get sidetracked and post an article that is not entirely relevant to your audience especially if you're trying to stick to a schedule or come down with a case of writer's block.

Avoid plagiarism at all costs. It can sully your reputation and doesn't help your SEO rankings as it is not original content.

Update! Update! Update! This is something which definitely will help your SEO rankings. Even a small addition to your website every day / week makes a huge difference.