A promising trend in real estate is constructing houses and buildings with value added features and using materials that are of a better quality, especially when reselling the property in question is a distinct possibility. If materials used in construction of house is of bad quality, it will not only reduces its life but also the value of the building. Nowadays, people are well aware of the quality of materials and extra safety measures in a house building. It is directly associated with the cost of a house.

The following are some architectural measures and construction materials that can enhance the quality of a house’s structure, making is stronger, more durable, and easy to maintain and as a result increase its value.

Water Proofing of Building

Bitumen chemical, asphalt, sealants and plastic sheets are used to water proof the plinth level at the time the foundation is being laid. Sulphate resistant cement can also be used in foundations. Water proof paint used in overhead and underground water tanks can dramatically reduce water seepage and play a vital role in increasing the life of a building. Special variety of water proof cement can be used in exterior walls of the house in order to evade moisture inside a building. Continuous splashes of rain causes dampness in a building which should be avoided as far as possible. For this, sanitation system must be proficient. Drainage should be rapid and sanitary items used in construction should be of good quality.


Galvanized iron pipes are stronger and more durable compared to plastic ones. Remember, it is easier to maintain pipes that are not concealed.


Constructing a building with hollow blocks instead of regular bricks provides good insulation. It keeps a structure cool and reduces air-conditioning related energy bills significantly.


Laying tiles on the surface of the roof makes it a useable space and also provides heat proofing. Brick tiles are economical and ideal for this purpose as they are heat and water resistant and easy to maintain. If you have higher budget, consider using marble tiles which also have a cooling effect.


Embellishing the exterior with bricks, texture, and uncut stone tiles add value and are also weather resistant and maintenance free as opposed to painted walls.


Explore the possibility of ‘hard’ landscaping in the form of partially tiled yards and courtyards; these are easier and less expensive to maintain compared to a full ledged lawn.