There is big changes in the world of the of business. President Obama announced that his adminstartion would now regulate business pay scale. The details are build around the stock holders setting/voting on executive pay. Regardless of the details, the government is now playing a role in regulating business. The foot is in the door and history tells us, when businesses get around the standards, the government's entire body will soon be kicking down the door.

Obama's breakneck spread of change is stunning. First both Chrysler and GM were in essecne taken by the government. Now the executive pay is being set, financial institutions are positions to suffer the same fate of GM and Chrysler. Of course the largest of all leaps is looming; national health care. The latter will have an explosive effect on the economy.

There simply is no better time then now to move into commodities such as gold and silver. Make no doubt about it, capitalism is changing as we know it. The old standards we were taught will no longer be valid. Gone will be the reliable of blue chip stocks, the safety of treasury bonds and the power of the free market. It will be replaced by a group of intelligentsia centralized in Washington D.C, attempting to control economic forces. The results are sure to be disastrous.