Where Would You Use The Bosch Miter Saw?

Cut the crown mouldings

Bosch Miter SawFor cutting joints for frame work on houses. Precision furniture making, cabinets and boxes. Picture frames can be cut really quickly and precisely. For work on the building sites the Miter saw is a good addition when you carry around one of these to let you cut the joints. Bosch make a gravity rise saw stand with wheels, great for moving the tool into place.

Jobs This Type Of Saw Is Good For

The saw is pretty versatile at what it does, the types of material you can cut with it depending on the blade you have in it. The detents for the miters mean that you can have it set up for the roofing cuts or you can be using if to coving or cornices. Picture framers will have great use out from a Bosh mitre saw. Totally depends on what the user wants from the tool.

Out Of The Box - Bosch Miter Saw

Apart from the main item that is the saw you get some extra parts, like the vacuum connections and the bag to collect the dust with a 90 degree chute elbow. There is also a bevel included with a miter scale made of stainless steel.

Technical Points Of The Saw

Squarelock Fence is aligned at 90 degrees to the cutting table. It has a locking mechanism that only needs one touch to lock it ready for use. The spindle lock is easy to work so that you can change the saw blade quickly. The power of the motor for the saw is 1800 watts for the 120volts model. Comes in 240 volt models too.

Checklist When Buying A Miter Saw

You don't want a saw that vibrates too much as that will affect the quality of the cut if there is too much movement. See if there is a laser included or do you have to buy one to fit after, maybe from a third part supplier.

Saw Accessories - Included or available as after market items

Gravity Miter saw stand Standard saw stand with extra supports for longer material to be cut Insert to cut dado and to cut with the rabbet cutters Supports for Crown Mouldings.

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