I love to write articles for InfoBarrel and when I am in a writing Zone I can seriously crank the articles out. If I had 4 hours each day to dedicate to InfoBarrel and was in a writing Zone the entire time I would rapidly not only meet my goal of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel but I would be able to meet those goals extremely rapidly.

I love writing when I am in a Zone. InfoBarrel allows me to keep the Zone going as I can write about almost any topic that comes to my mind. I am not limited as I am with Break Studios and my private clients. Even Examiner has many limited to my local and national topic. InfoBarrel rewards me with the freedom to publish almost anything.

The ability to write about almost any topic means that we can NEVER run out of article ideas. I went through a stage where I wrote a bunch of motorcycle articles. My article on the Suzuki TU250 is ranked on the first page of Google when you search for Suzuki TU250. I get 300-500 pageviews each month simply for that article. I wish all of my articles generated 300 or more pageviews each month. How sweet would that be!

I thought I could generate some traffic with that article but I did not expect to receive that many hits each month and consistently receive that many hits each month.

When you have an article that receives that many hits and you did not expect it too then you can go back in and hyperlink keywords in the article to link to other similar articles and this will also increase the number of page views you receive on your articles as well.

I am constantly surprised by which articles of mine receive a lot of page views. I no longer try to guess which articles will be superstars. I simply publish them on InfoBarrel and let all the Google Users decide which articles of mine will receive a lot of hits.

I have not been back linking very many articles but the Suzuki TU250 article was backlinked on Yahoo! Questions and I wonder if that valuable backlink is one of the causes that have helped me to rank highly on the first page of Google. Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I just got luck with my SEO even though I was not using SEO. I subliminally wanted to use the term Suzuki TU250 multiple times to rank well but I do that with all articles. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work. Either way I know that the more articles I write the more traffic I will receive. Some of my articles may receive only 1 hit per month while others will receive no traffic at all. This is all substantiated by articles that receive a lot of hits each month.

As long as I keep writing and submitting new articles to be published on InfoBarrel my page views will continue to increase. I would love to reach 100,000 page views each month and once I get more articles published such as the Suzuki TU250 article I will get there even faster.