Would you like to have a hidden gun cabinet like the good guys in those action movies? One where they push a button and a cabinet door opens to reveal a cache of weapons? This may not be that far off from a possibility. Doing this project will require knowledge of carpentry, drywall and painting. It may not be for the weekend warrior!

  1. We will be cutting a large hole in your wall so if you are not up for doing this part of the project, seek professional help.
  2. Find a wall where you would like to put your hidden gun cabinet. See what is on the other side of the wall in the other room. Preferably a closet or storage area. We are going to open a hole from your cabinet room into the closet or storage area. The "fake" cabinet such as a bookshelf or curio cabinet will sit in the first room and the gun storage will be in a compartment we build in the second room.
  3. Once you have identified a location, you first need to find a cabinet that will be the fake front. Buy one or use one you own. It does not matter.
  4. Measure the cabinet for both height and width. Transfer those measurements to the wall where it will be mounted. Cut the sheetrock or wallboard to those measurements, exposing the studs and opening a hole between the rooms.
  5. At this point, you can either install a cross beam called a header to allow you to remove the wall studs or simple leave them in place. This is where you may need professional help.
  6. Once step 5 is completed, you now need to build a cabinet or small space in the second room closet or storage area. You are simply enclosing the space for security purposes. It does not need to be fancy or pretty. You may want to add a light inside this small space to make it easier to see your guns.
  7. Now it is time to mount the curio cabinet. Purchase hidden hinges with proper weight specifications from Home Depot or a cabinet shop. Mount these hinges on the one side of the back of the cabinet and the other side of the hinge to the wall opening. Remember to hold the cabinet up off the floor by a 1/4" or so to allow for it to open without binding on the carpet.
  8. Use a small latch on the opening side to keep the gun cabinet closed. You can also install a small keyed lock to prevent access to the guns by children.

While this is not a detailed description of how to build a hidden gun cabinet into the wall, it may give you an idea how it can be done.