Minecraft is an online game produced by the company Mojang. The players mine for resources and then use those resources to build items and fight monsters. Finding resources can be a challenge because they are placed randomly throughout the world. One way to make searching for resources easier is to build a railway and a rail cart or mine cart to travel quickly between different mining spots in the game. Building the cart is not difficult, and requires a few basic resources. 

Necessary Tools and Supplies


Minecraft account

Iron or stone pickaxe

Wood torches

Step 1 

Harvest two blocks of wood from a tree by hitting it with the pickaxe.  You can also use an axe to cut down the trees or simply punch the tree trunk with your hand. 


 Step 2

Convert the wood into planks in your inventory craft box by opening your inventory and placing the block of wood onto your inventory craft table.  This will make wood planks on the right side of the screen. Place one plank in each crafting square to make a crafting table.


 Step 3

Mine four or five stone blocks, four or five blocks of coal and four or five blocks of iron ore. Coal is one of the highest materials and iron is often present in the same caverns as coal. Use torches to light the way as you mine to keep creepers away and to increase visibility in the mine. 


 Step 4

Place the crafting table onto the floor. Open the crafting table by right clicking on it. Place a circle of stones on the crafting table to make a furnace.


 Step 5

Place the furnace on the ground. Place the coal in the bottom of the furnace and the iron ore in the top to make iron ingots. Iron ingots look like small iron bricks and are about half the size of an iron block. 


 Step 6

Open the crafting table. Stack three iron ingots in the bottom row and one on either side of the second row to make a basic cart shape. Collect the cart from the right side of the screen. You can make several carts in minecraft, but they do not stack, so make sure you have enough space in your inventory to carry the carts. 


 Step 7

Place the cart on the railroad to travel quickly from place to place along the railway.  For best results, install booster pads onto the railways to make the cart move even faster along the track.