If you are thinking about building an altar to your deity, then you may be lost by all of the options that are in front of you. The truth is that building an altar doesn't have to be hard to do at all.

Location, Location

Depending on what you are doing, you may need to have an altar that is up all of the time. If this is the case, you will need to find a good location for it. Some people prefer to have their altar in the middle of their home. This is not necessary. I had my altar in the front of my home for a long time and it worked just as well as when it was in the middle of the home. The direction that you face your altar can also make a large difference as to what you are planning on using it for. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a good location.

What To Put On The Altar

There are only a few things that you really need to place on your altar. These will represent the goddess and god of your choosing. Sometimes they will choose you or you may just worship the goddess and god. Candles are the least expensive option for most people. You can carve symbols in the candles before you light them.

Another item that you will need to have on your altar is an incense burner. The purpose for this is to hold the incense that will be lit for rituals or for spells. You may not choose to light incense, but many spells will require that you have one to make the spell work.

Altar cloths can be used to cover the altar surface. These can consist of any kind of material that you want. Some choose to not even have an altar cloth at all for their altar. Do be sure that the cloth is cleanable because candle wax and other things may get on it.


Colors may not seem that important, but some deities like some colors. It will show them great honor if you are able to find out what it is that they like and dress your altar accordingly.

Altars are something very personal and you should set yours up the way that you feel is right. Some people will choose items that others will not have on their altars. Just do what feels right for you and you will have an altar that will be best for your workings and your life.