If you have your own business to run, the time will come that at some point you will have the need to borrow money and apply for a business credit line. There are very few businesses that can survive on the owner's cash alone. That's why it is important to take notes on some strategies that you may want to use to make sure that you present yourself as someone with a good credit risk to possible lenders.

If you are applying for business credit at any stage and your application is denied, this can be put in your credit record and so it makes your future loan applications more difficult. You could even be put in the blacklist as a consequence of your unsuccessful application and for sure you will never want this to happen.

So, here are some helpful tips for you to follow on how to build your business credit.

1. Start applying for small lines of credit with some local office suppliers or stationers like Office Depot or Office Max. Your credit can be $50 or less at each store but this will help in building your overall credit. Just make sure that you are paying your bills on time. Consider this as your first round of funding.

2. Get a business credit card and use it. Then, pay off the amount you owe each month. This is your second round of funding and can help you in establishing a much better credit record for your business.

3. The third round of funding which is establishing a bank line of credit is the one that will establish you and your business as a strong and creditworthy business with a high Paydex score. However, do not attempt to do this unless you've done rounds one and two.

Lastly, here's some more advice. Every time you are applying for any credit always make sure that you fill out the forms correctly and accurately and you should include all the documentation and information requested by the lender. It will be frustrating if your application is refused because a simple error in technicality. New business owners often times don't think about building up their credit rating until it is too late. The old adage goes, credit is easy to get until you need it is absolutely true. Start now with a few small loans even if you don't have a need so when the time comes you already have your credit established. Having a good relationship with your banker now will help you in the future if you need to borrow.