Sometimes buying a glider bench can be a bit too expensive for a family budget, but what is about building one yourself? Not only would this make a great family activity, it will also help you to safe some money. Before you now run off and order a big load of timber, hold on a moment and think if you have the time, experience and tools for such a big project. If you have never done any kind of woodworking before, starting with something smaller might be smart. The same is also valid if you don't have the right tools you would need, nor family members that are willing to help you.

But if you have all this, you only need to decide on one of the many glider bench plans available and you can get started. Which type you want to build depends as much of the climate you live in as as well on the level of experience you have. Unless you are a trained blacksmith, I wouldn't recommend trying to build a iron wrought bench as a DYI project ;-) The best model for the intermediate to experienced craftsman would be a wooden glider bench. After you have decided on this, you now have to choose the right plan.

There are a wide variety of those available, both online as well as in your local garden center. If it is the first time you do such a big project, do yourself a favor and go with the simplest plan you can find. This way success is, nearly, guaranteed and costs will be also lower.

Costs of building your own Glider Bench

Apart of the small cost of buying a woodworking plan and perhaps a bit for tool rental, your main costs will be the timber you need to build the bench. It is nearly impossible to say how much this would be in your situation as everything depends on where you live and how easy you can obtain timber. But as a rule of thumb, you should be able to build a glider bench for less than $100, all included. The best thing what you can do is to ask for an estimate in different places and to choose the one that is the best offer. Don't forget to calculate also how much the transports costs will be.

Starting your DYI Project

After you have spend hours and hours with choosing the right plan, wood and renting some additional tools, it is now time to start your big project! Make sure you plan in enough time, a long weekend would be ideal. If you don't have a dedicated workshop, you should make place in your garage, so that you can work in peace and quietness and, in case it rains, in the dry. Make also sure that the people, friends or family, that you had in mind for helping you, do really have time that weekend. You will at least one additional pair of extra hands. If these hands do have experience in woodworking, even the better.

Some last thoughts

Before I let you go to hunt down your next dream wood working project, some safety tips.

  • Make always sure that you have a well equipped first aid kit close by.
  • Only let people operate machinery that know how to do it and keep beginners under close supervision.
  • Keep a cellphone at hand, accidents do happen and you want to be able to call out for help quickly.