Compared to the medieval ages, architecture nowadays has really changed a lot. Technical revolutions, the advances in technology and industrialization and the demands for certain types of buildings have exploded. This leads to magnificent works of art which over the years have become true monuments and engineering breakthroughs which are stunning even in today's standards.

Thus buildings and structures by type are different nowadays and they can be seen everywhere in our home town. Steel buildings are structures made of metal and they use steel both for exterior and interior support. The reason for steel buildings coming to life is that they provide a good space for office spaces that can be rented and thus generate important revenue. But they are also good as a living space, nonetheless. These types of buildings do have very good reinforced structures and they are also cost effective. When it comes to heating, steel is a good material that conducts heat so the cost for cooling the spaces within the building will be high. Another drawback when it comes to steel buildings is that corrosion can really take its toll on them in time and thus the cost of maintenance is also on the upper level.

When we are talking about storage sheds then we are talking about a single story structure that has many other uses than of a residential space. These structures are generally used for storing large crafts like airplanes, locomotives, ships and large vehicles and they are very tall given their use. I am absolutely sure that you have seen these structures before, when traveling by plane especially.

Another type of building is the industrial type. They are very large and are mostly built on many square kilometers of land. They are mainly used for manufacturing of different products as well as storage.

Architecture though has also functional factors that have to take care of. Architecture focuses on practical use rather than looks. So each type of building be it a church, a prison, a castle or something else has unique functional requirements that are linked directly with the architecture's meaning. This doesn't mean that any building is constructed with extreme care on these factors. There are buildings that stand out there just to compliment a need, which of course is subjective and thus won't render a high quality and a precise building construction process. And yet, structural and functional factors weren't always vital. In the past, the architects tried and also succeeded to define their buildings through unique carvings and models that weren't actually linked with a functional mechanism, but rather they would look good and render them different from other buildings.