When considering all of the great accessories that you can add to your built in BBQ, you probably mostly think of items like refrigerators, side burners, and ovens. But if you want to give your built in BBQ even more aesthetic appeal and a fun, entertainment center atmosphere, a palapa umbrella is a great accessory to look into. Palapas are popular decorative backyard accessories that you can use by pools, patios areas, and with outdoor kitchen setups.

The word palapa means many different things in different languages, but the most common definition for it refers to a type of dwelling often seen on beaches. A palapa is a popular type of Spanish dwelling seen throughout the Gulf of California and Mexico. Palapas are open sided structures with dried palm leaf roofs. They are popular throughout Mexico because they can easily be created with local plant materials. Also, they provide lots of shade on blazing hot days.

Many homeowners are using palapas with their built in BBQ grills because they create a cool, restaurant-like feel in their backyards. Palapa umbrellas are often used in restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments because they create an island-like feel. Homeowners love that they can emulate this same tropical theme in their own backyards. Using a palapa umbrella with a built in BBQ also comes in handy if you have a flat screen television setup with your BBQ. It is a great way to protect the television from the sun and other natural elements.

If your built in BBQ has a bar setup then a palapa umbrella will add even more to the entertainment center feel of your backyard or patio. There are a few other backyard accessories that can add to the island theme of a backyard as well. Items like hammocks, Tiki gods, carved Tiki chairs, and palm matting can help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

You may have heard of palapa umbrellas referred to as grass umbrellas, palm umbrellas, or Tiki umbrellas, but they are all the same great decorative product. Some times they are also referred to as thatch umbrellas, but thatch umbrellas are actually a little different. Thatch umbrellas are generally movable and fold-able umbrellas, which palapa umbrellas are more rigid structures that are meant to be placed in one permanent place. They also have stronger roofs that do not fold.

Also, keep in mind that palapa umbrellas are accessories that do not last forever. They are created of natural plant products that ultimately wear over time. Depending on the temperatures, humidity, wind, rain, and other climate conditions in your area, your palapa can last anywhere from 3 to 6 years. However, you do not have to replace the actual frame. You should only have to replace the roof or even just parts of the roof that are more worn. It is suggested that you ask your salesman if you should use fire retardant on the palapa you are interested in if you will be using it with a built in BBQ or any other type of grill setup.