Have you ever considered installing a recessed bathroom magazine rack into your bathroom wall? Built in bathroom wall racks can save a lot of space over their similar wall mounted varieties but obviously they can be a bit more complicated to install in your home.

Some businesses use built in racks for various purposes like holding brochures or as display stands but even at the office or in commercial establishments magazine rack tables are used more often than not. They are simply easier to include in a waiting room and easier to find for sale.

In a restroom however space is usually at a premium. Although business setting wouldn't usually maintain magazine storage in the bathroom you may want to in your home and to do this you will likely need to find a space saving solution and building your rack right into the wall may be the best way to do this.

Shopping For A Recessed Magazine Rack

As you might expect shopping for a recessed built in rack for your bathroom is going to be a little more difficult than shopping around for simplistic furniture. This is a niche product and is sold in far fewer quantities than magazine stands that would typically go well in a living room. In the kitchen for instance finding a quality hanging wine glass holder or a coffee mug tree is as easy as heading down to your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond however finding a built-in-the-wall magazine holder even at stores like Home Depot can be an exercise in futility.

The best place to find specialty items like this is to do your shopping online. Amazon in fact has many items that people wouldn't generally associate with an online book and media store. In fact Amazon has moved well beyond the book store that it once was as it now partners with countless small businesses and merchants as a distributor of their products. In effect this has transformed the company into a distributor of just about any product you can imagine. And because Amazon caters to budget shoppers as well as premium shoppers you can usually find the best products at the best prices online.

The Best Built In Bathroom Magazine Rack

Recessed Bathroom Magazine Rack (37098)There are of course a number of options to choose from and when you get to shopping you will likely find there are a lot of hang on the wall style bathroom magazine racks which is cheaper but the best recessed bathroom rack is probably a rack similar to this wall mounted item. In addition to holding your magazines at arm's length the built in rack also accommodates toilet paper storage so it can completely replace your current toilet paper holder or stand.

Regardless if you end up buying this wall mounted bathroom magazine rack or some other option make sure to look for storage capacity. Some racks will only store one or two different magazines whereas others like this item can store up to 20 average sized weekly magazines.

More Details To Keep In Mind

Buying a cheap recessed magazine holder for your bathroom is going to require you install the holder right into the wall. This will usually mean cutting into the wall board and fitting the magazine holder into the space. Most good recessed magazine racks will come with plans and instructions for installation but you will want to make sure your studs allow enough clearance for installation before you buy your rack.

Measure your stud clearance at home first and them compare the dimensions to those of the magazine holders you are considering buying. It would be a travesty to buy a rack that requires a wide hole in the wall only to find out during installation that your studs are spaced to close together for the recessed rack to fit between them.

Other things to consider are the aesthetics of the rack and the overall décor of your bathroom. You can easily buy cheaper bathroom magazine racks both in retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or various home furnishing stores but buying them in an unfinished version can give you a lot of freedom to perfectly blend the style of your built-in-the-wall rack to the style and look of your bathroom.

The magazine rack above is sold in an unfinished style as well as finished styles so this is yet another reason that this may be a good option for you and your home. As always do some comparison shopping for price and quality preferences but keep the focus on the details that matter most. You may end up saving a bit by finding a cheaper model but if the quality is lower and the look isn't a good fit with your bathroom then it may not be worth it. An item like this is really more of a basic bathroom remodel rather than the purchase of new hardware or fixtures. Think of it as an investment and don't fret too much about buying a slightly higher priced item.