Bukisa has been a popular spot for many writers, but there pay rate was awful. They current pay rate with Bukisa is $3.22 per thousand views, but is actually much lower than that. They only pay on 1 page view per visitor to your articles, even if that visitor views multiple articles of yours. Bukisa was considered a scammy place to work for because of the extremely low pay rate, but that is about to change.

Bukisa is transitioning to an Adsense rev-share model. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad in one of your articles you will receive 60% of the Adsense revenue and Bukisa will get 40% of the Adsense revenue. This is great news for many of the Bukisa writers.

With a %60 percent of the Adsense revenue most writers can expect to earn much more than they have previously. Bukisa will be full Adsense revenue share in 30 days, so you need to log into your Bukisa account and grant authorization to your Adsense account to Bukisa.

Bukisa is using the Adsense API. Unlike many rev-share websites where you get a certain percentage of the Adsense impressions, with the Adsense API you will get your Adsense ad shown 100% of the time, but will receive 60% of the revenue generated.

If you have article sin Bukisa then you need to visit the Bukisa Adsense page and associate your Adsense account with Bukisa. Once you have associated your Adsense account with Bukisa, you also need to log into your Adsense account to authorize it.

To authorize it with Google log into your Adsense account, click on "My Account", then click on "Account Access", and then scroll down to find the Bukisa entry. Click on "Authorize" by the Bukisa entry and then you will have your Adsense account fully associated with Bukisa.

If you are not familiar with the Adsense API, you can read more about the Adsense API from Google. If you have any articles published on Bukisa it is vitally important that you associate your Adsense account so that you can continue to earn money with Bukisa.

Once the transition is complete you will no longer receive payments from Bukisa to your PayPal account. You actually will not receive any payments from Bukisa; you will be paid directly from Adsense.

This new change is great news. This change should easily bring me in some extra money with my Adsense each month, and it will be much more than I was receiving in earnings from Bukisa prior to the transition.

You will laso no longer earn off of your referrals. If you were simply referring people and not writing then you were not making very much anyways. If you actually were writing articles then this change will greatly benefit you.

People are bound to be upset by this, but for most writers this is a great change. I will continue to leave my small amount of articles on Bukisa, but I am going to continue writing for Infobarrel. The revenue potential of InfoBarrel is still much greater than Bukisa.