• Choice of Google Adsense or Chitika Earnings
  • Good opportunity to build links to other articles on and off Bukisa
  • Opportunity to syndicate articles and links in them
  • Easy to use publishing platform


  • No writer forum
  • No SEO value to the Bukisa site name (Infobarrel is a better name because people search the word info)
  • Revenue split is not as generous as on Infobarrel
  • No referral program anymore

Full Review

Bukisa is an online writing platform that shares advertising revenue (or more precisely, ad impressions) with its contributors. Signup is free and the site offers a unique mix of features not found anywhere else. Used correctly, Bukisa can be a great addition to an online passive/residual income plan.

Revenue Sharing by Sharing Adsense or Chitika Impressions

Like most revenue sharing websites (Infobarrel, Xomba, Best Reviewer), Bukisa allows writers to self publish directly and directly  share the ad revenue generated by each article.

How Much Can You Earn

Most revenue is based on clicks, though impressions can be worth pennies. The math is very simple - get more views and traffic and earn more money. With enough of the right articles you can earn anything you want.

So where do views come from?

Google and other Search Engines. To get search engine traffic requires either good SEO or incredible luck, or maybe both. I can't do a whole SEO course here, but I'll point out a few things.

Write articles that use good titles that will attract readers. Skip the cutesy titles - this is not a magazine. Your titles should match what people are looking for. The title for this article is Bukisa Review because I know that people search for Bukisa Review (a term my blog currently ranks #1 on Big G for). The title is not "A site with a weird name I like to write on" or "10 Secrets to Earning More by the View" because no one is searching for these phrases.

Use search terms in the article people are looking for. Remember people come to the web to get information and sometimes to buy stuff.  The best articles for earnings are ones that give information to those looking to buy something. Viral articles can also earn, even without an attached product because given enough readers, someone will respond to the ads.

Studies show that people tend to click on the first thing they see at the top of their search results. Fewer people click on the second result, and fewer still on each result down the list. Exceptionally few people get to the second page of search results. This behavior is reinforced by the search engines obvious efforts to deliver the most relevent content to the searcher first. To get noticed by the search engines you will need to get some good backlinks.

Links you create. Posting a relevant link into another related article, on your blog, or with social bookmarking tools will not only help your SEO but lead readers directly to the article, giving you more views and dollars.

Links others create. This is tougher, but if you create great articles with great information, other people will link to it. These organic links are golden.  If the article goes viral, or just attracts readers who will share it, those readers will build links to it.

Internal Bukisa links. Bukisa does a decent job of showing the titles of related articles beside articles. Using good keywords when you submit the article will help your views from these internal links. You can also interlink various related Bukisa articles. 

Social traffic. If you write about things that will interest some of your friends, use the easy tools provided by Bukisa to spread links to your articles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Bukisa reports that these are the top referring sites to articles on Bukisa.

Republishing Rights

Bukisa allows writers to allow articles to be republished (if the author selects that option). Some readers MAY decide to copy the article using the Republish button. The republished article will link back to the original article and any links you inserted into the article text will be replicated on the site where your content appears. When others republish your work in this way it can strengthen your SEO and you get to the extent that the links are to your own content elsewhere this can be a helpful link building effort.  On the downside, it creates duplicate content across the web - something that many SEO experts feel is a problem.  However by making it easy to syndicate the article hopefully less uncredited stealing will occur.


There is no writer referral system like that at TopicSpotter or Infobarrel.

Advanced Strategies - Encouraging Syndication

People use article directories just to build links to their money sites by including the links in articles they place on free article directory sites. Bukisa is a cross between revenue sharing and an article directory.  If you create content that is very enticing and insert a couple of good links with well thought out anchor text in that content, your content and your links may get syndicated.  I've even seen people promoting syndication of their Bukisa article. 

Don't be overly promotional - take a friendly helpful tone and only link to good content.  This can be a great way to spread quality links into sites that you do not own or work directly with.

In Closing

Bukisa is a really good revenue sharing site, well worth trying. Be sure to interlink and backlink your articles on Bukisa with your articles on your blog, Infobarrel and other sites to increase the traffic and search engine ranking of all your content.