Bukisa.com is another publishing website where people can join and submit information on whatever they feel is relevant. You get paid based on your articles performance. The Bukisa index changes from day to day and what that is, is the amount of money you get paid per thousand impressions. It is hard to say what exactly you get paid over time as it changes so much, but one thing remains true, the more you publish, the more you will make.

Bukisa.com does not seem to have much of an editing department, which is fine because the faster a person can publish material, the better. It might be hard to make a living off of Bukisa due to the fact that it seems once an article is published online, it looses it's exposure very quickly, although this could be due to marketing trends and distribution through other partnered websites as well.

Bukisa is a good place to publish information fast, but the likelihood of making any real amount of money on that website is very low unless you are very consistent with your marketing and publishing efforts. I suppose the better you are at writing a quality article that gets a lot of exposure, the better off you are.

Bukisa pays by paypal once your balance reaches ten dollars. This is OK but if you are expecting to get paid faster, you do have to build up a good little reputation, before you can see any serious earnings. You can also add affiliate links in your website too if you so desire. Bukisa.com's payment structure works on contextual advertising. The website takes an average of what they make per 1000 page views and gives their members a cut of what their contextual advertising brings in. That is why it changes so frequently. Whatever the average amount of income the company makes per thousands page views, is what you will get divided by fifty or perhaps less.

Bukisa is an alright place to publish content, but it would be extremely difficult to make a long term income off of the site unless you publish frequently. Overall I give the bukisa website review a 4 out of 5.

One other popular thing about Bukisa.com is that you have the option of referring others to produce content and earn a revenue from what they publish, so the more people that you have writing under you, the more money you are going to be making. This is another advantage of Bukisa.com.