Some time back on the Bukisa blog the site reported the top traffic referring sites for Bukisa. Since Bukisa is a revenue sharing article site, much like Infobarrel, this list is of significant interest to anyone on Infobarrel and anyone trying to pull traffic to a website. There are some surprises on the list for me:

StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, and Mixx are all social bookmark sharing sites.  You or some other user promotes your articles onto the bookmarking sites and some get picked up and end up with a lot of exposure.  Being overly promotional on your own work or promoting too much content from one domain is going to get you in trouble on these sites.  Exercise caution.

Facebook and Twitter are places where interesting content gets passed around. They will rank high as traffic sources because of the social nature of the sites and that they are great places for an article to go viral because links, not the entire article, get passed around on Facebook and Twitter. Links on these sites also get a boost from Google.

Answers sites make sense.  If you write an article that answers a question then paste the link into the answers site against a related question you've got a valuable backlink.  Use caution though - if you are just seen to be promoting your own stuff you can get banned, voted down etc.

Topix is a news aggregation site with a forum that was intended to be hyperlocal.  You can make comments in the forum and on news stories and include links there.  You can create an account which can be good for building a reputation (the number of posts shows by your name. You can also post anonomously or under any name you like each time. For example someone posting an opinion against front license plates in BC posted under the handle "front plates suck".   

YouTube is a really interesting place to drive traffic to articles from. I'm surprised that YouTube is being used to drive significant traffic to an article based revenue sharing site. This needs more exploration - maybe I'll research and write more on how this might work.

Similarly, I've never heard of using Craigslist is a site to bring traffic to articles. This strategy needs more exploration. One commenter on Bukisa reported posting his/her 'how to' article on fishing up on Craigslis as free instructions.  Another poster suggested using the Craigslist forum as a place to post articles but from what I've seen of the forum that would not work.  Got insights?Please comment below (join to comment free if  you are not a infobarrel member already).

I intend to keep updating this article so if you see a comment that does not make sense compared to the text of the article, it is not the commenter's fault - I likely incorporated the idea into the article text or otherwise added to the article.

If you are writing on any revenue sharing site, or blogging on any topic of interest to a lot of people, this list of top referring sites to a revenue sharing site is a great place to start for promoting your work with backlinks.