vendingWith the responsibility of encouraging better customer traffic through increased candy sales lie in the hands of the bulk candy vending machines, it is often known as 'passive income' generator. When the customer turns the handle or press the button, the vending machine offers him with a variety of candies picked at random for a price around 25 - 50 cents. Most of these are non-electrical and transferable.

If you are planning to buy a candy vending, make a thorough research before entering the business. The return on the capital put in is dependent on the amount of money invested, the placement of the vending machine, the types of candies offered, and the kind of equipment used. It is the return on investment and the enhanced profit margin that draws the people into the business. The employment of bulk candy vending gives you the chances to bring about changes to the pricing on the basis of the cost and demand variation for the candy.

The position of its placement decides how you fare in your business. From the type of candy vending to the profit margin, everything varies with the location. People generally use flashy machines in shopping areas and the single or double-head stands in heavily crowded areas to draw the attention of the customers. A classy location will demand an eye-grabbing machine like one that has an all metal body, bright clean paint job and a wooden stand to lure people. Double-head bulk candy vending give a larger store "presence" and are usually a better choice than a single head machine.

The mere location of the vending machine does not automatically mean you will have income generation. Other factors like the volume of people and the cost for the placement of the vending machines must be taken into consideration to identify the returns one can expect from the venture. Candy vending machines will have to be relocated if they under perform in the market; usually about 5% of machines will need to be relocated every year. You're looking for places that have long working hours, a huge flow of people, and no vending machine in the immediate vicinity, but has hungry people, children and people making long waits. Excellent locations are places such as auto mechanic shops, hair dressers, or even restaurants. Places that a vending machine can turn a profit are truly limitless.

Keeping a close watch over the advertisements offered on eBay and Craigslist is another way for finding really cheap used vending machines. Care should be taken to balance the cost of the machine with its earning potential. Today one can get single and double-head candy vending for prices starting from $50 to $75. The full return on the money invested in a matter of six months or so makes bulk candy vending a great source for additional income. The tax advantages offered, the lack of the need for employees, flexible timing options and the non-requirement of advertisement costs has resulted in its popularity. In addition, the vending machine business allows you to be in charge of your own destiny.