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Blasting an email advertisement to people who request to receive information can help direct visitors to your referral links, articles, blogs and websites without the worry of your advertisement ever being considered spam.

This article speaks about using free to join Safelists to blast email ads to thousands of Opt-In members free, how to use their text and banner ad rotator free and how a publisher, affiliate and Amazon associate can benefit in a huge way by using this form of free advertising.

Email Advertising At It's Best

Safelists are used by two different kinds of people.  Opportunity seekers and Webmasters/Internet Marketers.  Opportunity seekers join free to Opt-In (request) to receive information and many of the opportunity seekers are mainly searching for online business opportunities.  Webmasters/Internet Marketers use this form of free advertising to get their business opportunity in front of the thousands of Opt-In active members seeking the best opportunity for them.

How To Blast Your Ad For Free

Webmasters and Internet Marketers earn credits by opening the ads sent to them then use the credits they earned to blast their own advertisement to the Opt-In opportunity seekers.  Webmasters and Internet Marketers use a proven system to earn credits unbelievably fast while viewing the ads to see who their competitors are.  If you're a Webmaster or Internet Marketer who would like to learn how to earn credits unbelievably fast, visit
Using Text and Banner Ad Rotators

Not all but many Safelists offer other unique ways to advertise for free.  Webmasters and Internet Marketers can use the banner and text ad campaign rotators for free.  You create a new banner or text ad campaign and your banner or text ad is placed in the rotation with those of other members within the website.  All banners and text ads are randomly displayed every time a page within the Safelist is loaded.


9/10/11 I was accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program.  The first step I took was to take down the advertising links to my YouTube channel from these forms of advertising because they are against Adsense policy.  I now use these free advertising techniques to promote affiliate links such as, ClickBank and my Infobarrel affiliate link and I do this because there are NO ADSENSE ADS shown on my affiliate pages.  DO NOT use these to promote any article, blog, website or video that has Adsense Ads on them.  Adsense will close you down.

Attention Pay Per Click Publishers

Using a bulk email service to help direct traffic to your referral links, articles, blogs and websites, if used correctly, can help you increase your revenue.  Never ever create an email ad to blast to thousands of Opt-In opportunity seekers who click on your link to earn credits that are led to an article, blog or website that has Adsense ads on them.  Adsense will close you down.  Instead, create splash pages to use within your advertisement that has NO Adsense ads on them.  Your splash page can show links, banners or images that are linked (connected) to your referral links, articles, blogs and websites.  For example, I created a splash page to blast my ad to the thousands of opportunity seekers who will click on the link within my ad campaign to learn more about the business opportunity I'm promoting.  The Webmaster/Internet Marketer open email ads to earn credits.  The splash page I created has NO Adsense ads on it instead I have links, banners or images that are linked to another splash page (splash page #2) explaining the business opportunity I'm promoting and the splash page # 2 has links, banners and images linked (connected) to my referral links, articles, blogs and websites.  The person opening my ad is not immediately directed to a splash page with Adsense ads on it.  If the opportunity seeker or Webmaster/Internet Marketer wants to learn more about the opportunities I promote, they need to click three deep and if someone is clicking three deep into your splash pages, you do not need to worry about not abiding by publisher rules.

Added Bonus

OK, you decide to join Safelists to help direct traffic to your referral links, articles, blogs and websites.  Each time you join a Safelist for free, you create another opportunity to earn money online.  Most of the Safelists I join send payments straight to your PayPal account if anyone purchases credits or advertising space at the Safelist websites.

Using free advertising tools and techniques can help you increase traffic legally without any worries.  Taking the time to create a solid foundation to use is so worth the time in the immediate and in the long run.

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